Watch: Teacher Went Viral on His Lecture to Students "Buti pa 'yung Tiktok Pinag-aaralan"

A teacher from Cebu made some headlines on social media after his lecture to his students regarding Tiktok went viral on social media and generated hundred of thousands of views and thousands of comments in the online world. 

The students received some lectures from their teacher because of the fact that the students seems to prioritize Tiktok compared to their studies. 

In a video posted on social media, a teacher from Cebu City identified as Tristan Senajon made a sermon to his students who failed on his class during an examination. 

The teacher from Cebu assumed that the students who failed the examinations prioritized practising their dance routine on Tiktok instead of reviewing for their examination. 

As the second parents of the students Sir Tristan believed that the students should realized that education is the key and they should prioritized it instead of watching various videos on social media or making some Tiktok content. 

Despite the fact that the teacher gives some nerve-racking lectures, the teacher still managed to show some sense of humor. 

Watch the Viral Video of Teacher Tristan Senajon:

Netizens also joined the conversation as they shared their sentiments and comments on the controversial but viral video of Sir Tristan lecturing his students about Tiktok. 

Read Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Shanny Shai: Reality hits Sir Don't allow gadgets to let them failed, Sometimes shut it off to turn on their brain to avoid failure grades

Lahrry Ysais: Korek naeengganyo mga bata sa sa social media kya yung utak nila kinakain dahan dahan at nawawalan na sila ng gana sa pag aaral.yan po ang tree of knowledge of good and evil yang mga gadgets.

Ilyn Durian: God bless you sir,for guiding and reminding your 1st,b4 tiktok

Jay Invento: This only means that teachers should improve their quality/strategy of teaching to catxh their students' attention to study more..

Lynco Cervas: Ka cute ni sir. Unta tanan nga guro cool lang permi salute you sir!

Nivram Seresac: sad but in reality...real talk but in ka ali diri be

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Watch: Teacher Went Viral on His Lecture to Students "Buti pa 'yung Tiktok Pinag-aaralan" Watch: Teacher Went Viral on His Lecture to Students "Buti pa 'yung Tiktok Pinag-aaralan" Reviewed by PhilNewsXYZ on November 17, 2022 Rating: 5
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