Dr. Ethel Pineda Defends BBM's Decision to Appoint DOH Undersecretary Gen. Cascolan

Former Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief General Camilo Cascolan was appointed by President Bongbong Marcos as the new Undersecretary of the Department of Health (DOH). His appointment to the DOH post draws mixed reactions on social media but got the support of well-known medical practitioner, Dr. Ethel Pineda. 

Anti-Marcos forces in social media from various sites such as Facebook and Twitter raised their eyebrows on the decision of Pres. Bongbong Marcos to appoint Gen. Cascolan as PNP Chief as they cited the lack of medical backgrounds of the PNP chief which he should have been presented to deserve the job as DOH undersecretary. 

Both the Pro and Anti-Marcos supporters were engaged in a heated social media debate, a well-known doctor and medical practitioner for more than a decade came to the rescue as she defended the appointment of General Cascolan as DOH's Undersecretary. 

According to Dr. Ethel Pineda "Hindi po lahat ng naa-appoint na undersecretary sa DOH ay doctor. May mga trabaho sa departamento na hindi kailangan ng medical degree." Pineda stated. 

The statement of Dr. Pineda was questioned by a netizen who claimed that "but i still believe the better person for the job is the one with health-related education, experience and trainings."

Dr. Pineda responded by saying "Some jobs do not require education. Cascolan as chief of pnp has organizational skills and experience that are useful. 

Here's Some of the Comments on Facebook:

Maria Alba: As residents rotating at the ER, we used to run to the booth to answer EMT calls asking for approval of nebulized treatments for patients in transit for instance or other medical management. Might be different now but frankly, many of the EMT’s were well trained and our ok was just a formality.

Rhea Carampatana: Marami nga nurses at doktor sa DOH... pero nsa health facility enhacement program, planning at budgeting unit. Waley pa rin. Hindi po talaga dapat lahat sa DOH ay health care professionals.

Elinor Manuel: Maraming doctor wala sa skill set nila ang management. Why do you think all these big hospitals are now managed by non doctors, when at first they started out established by doctors. Case in point...Makati Medical

RIchard Jacoba: If you want to root out the syndicate and bad apples in the department...better get someone who has the know-how.

Wilfred delos Reyes: Kagaya na lang Ng distribution Ng COVID 19 vaccines. Sundalo Ang ginamit upang siguradong makakarating sa dapat dalhan.

Edgardo Tirona: For as long the skills or expertise respond to a felt need. There’s an URGENT felt need for internal police work.

Isay Chua: Exactly Doc! Management and Leadership skills ang magiging offer ni Usec. And I hope magkaron ng oplan tokhang for corrupt DOH Officials.

Yeng Polon: doc ok lang naman sa amin eh,,,ewan lang namin dun sa cartel o mafia sa loog baka ayaw sa nalilinya sa sniffing dogs o search and recover ,,este rescue ang linya,,,we heared pinupush nila si dengvaxia queen for sec

Eduardo Mercado: Sa Dept of Agriculture nga hindi naman mga Agriculturist mga UnderSec. Sa Banko magsesrch kayo may mga Nurse Grads, Yung pamangkin ko Nurse Grads pero Teacher sa Grade Three.

Meanwhie, he retired police general is the DOH's newest undersecretary as confirmed by the agency on October 23. He was dubbed as the numbers guy during the Duterte administration. Before being appointed as PNP Chief, Gen. Cascolan served as chief of the direcorate for operations of the PNP. 

Gen. Cascolan then dealt with bigger numbers and complicated data sets as a short-lived Metro Manila police chief, a member of the PNP command group and PNP Chief for six months. 

According to reports, General Cascolan is the closest ally and closest friend of Senator Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa. It was Dela Rosa and Cascolan-both members of the PMA Class of 1986-who created Oplan Double Barrel, the supposed manual of former President Rody Duterte's campaign against illegal d****.

Source: Dr. Ethel Pineda FB Page

Dr. Ethel Pineda Defends BBM's Decision to Appoint DOH Undersecretary Gen. Cascolan Dr. Ethel Pineda Defends BBM's Decision to Appoint DOH Undersecretary Gen. Cascolan Reviewed by PhilNewsXYZ on October 26, 2022 Rating: 5
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