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PhilNews.xyz aspires to give an updated information especially with news related to the Philippines and the Filipino people no matter where they are in the world. One of the main purpose of this blog is to provide balance as we served as the voice of ordinary Filipinos against bias news media outlets in the country.

Our blog aims to provide our fellow Filipinos news and information that matters most to them, may it be entertainment, sports, technology, Board Exam Results, College Entrance Examination results and the likes.

PhilNews wanted to be the go-to-site in terms of information about the Philippines. This website also aims to balance the news particularly in terms of election-related topics. There are newsworthy article that were not posted by the Philippines' major news network, so we are here to provide you with the said information.

PhilNews is maintained by the admin who is a former OFW, from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He is also the man behind one of the Philippines most visited blog site, which at at one time made it to the list of the Top 100 blogs in the country.

Aside from the admin of this page who previously worked as an OFW in Dammam, this website is also managed by Super Jayrex a BA Communication graduate in one of the country's most prestigious university.

This blog also aims to counter the bias medias on their reports against President Rody Duterte. We are a legions of Duterte supporters who are willing to take a risk just to counter the bias media in the Philippines runs by oligarchs.

Brief History:

PhilNews.xyz is not the original name of this blog, at first this blog was known as PinoyStarNews, the main author failed to update the blog more frequently, so the domain expired. Luckily the admin was able to secure a cheap domain name PhilNews.xyz and decided to re-launch the blog with full-time writer.

The website was officially launched last April 2016 during the campaign period of then Mayor Rody Duterte and due to the fact that the author is one of the die-hard Duterte supporter, he worked full-time and found his niche of helping most Filipinos on social media to spread the good news about Mayor Duterte.

For the Record, PhilNews.xyz is now considered as the Philippines largest and most popular XYZ domains generating 3-4 million Page Views per month simply using the power of virality and volunteerism from Die Hard Duterte Supporters (DDS).

Right now this blog is only managed by a single individual who wanted to remain anonymous but in terms of blogging experience he was able to make his previous blog listed as one of the Top 100 websites in the Philippines during it's peak in popularity.

We would like to thanks all the DDS supporters nationwide and internationally for your continuous support of this website. THANK You.... THANK YOu.... THANK YOU...

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