Jay Sonza Asks ABS-CBN "Bakit Kami Maawa sa Inyo?"

Veteran journalist and prominent social media personality Jay Sonza asked his former network why they should support and sympathize with the country's most popular Television Network, ABS-CBN.

According to Jay Sonza, while ABS-CBN is asking for "understanding, support and sympathy," he claimed that the network never did the same, to the people who stood up against them and letting the Filipino people pay for the alleged unpaid tax of the broadcasting giant.

On another Facebook post, the veteran blogger said that the quo warranto filed by the Office of the Solicitor General versus ABS-CBN is not against "press freedom" but all about 'implementing the law.'

Based upon the quo warranto petition filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida, he pointed out that ABS-CBN committed a violation after issuing Pay-Per-View services, issuing Philippine Depository Receipts to foreigners and also allegedly resorted to a corporate layering scheme to transfer the legislative franchise without securing the necessary approval of the Philippine Congress.

Read the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:

ABS-CBN. You're asking for understanding, support and sympathy?

1. Naawa ba kayo sa libong kawani na sapilitan ninyong tinanggal sa trabaho at kinasuhan pa?
2. Naawa ba kayo sa 104M Pilipino na kinakailangang balikatin ang pagbabayad sa inyong inutang at panunuba sa DBP/gobyerno?

3. Naawa ba kayo sa halos 10K empleyado na hindi nyo binibigyan ng social amelioration tulad ng SSS, PhilHealth, at Pagibig Fund tulad ng ipinag-uutos ng mga Batas?
4. Paano namin iintindihin ang hindi ninyo pagbabayad ng tamang mga buwis at kaukulang bayarin in the amount of billions of pesos?

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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