Jay Sonza Reveals List of Possible Bloggers/Vloggers to be Accredited by Malacañang

Veteran news presenter and well-known blogger Jay Sonza took to social media as he revealed a list of possible bloggers or vloggers who will be accredited by Malacañang after the announcement made by incoming press secretary Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles.

According to incoming Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Chief Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles she is pushing for the accreditation of bloggers to cover the Palace's press briefings alongside the mainstream media. 

The PCOO confirmed that accreditation of bloggers is among the priorities of the incoming Marcos administration. 

In a press briefing Angeles was quoted as saying "We are pushing for the accreditation of bloggers to be invited to some of the briefings, especially those conducted by the President-elect,” Angeles stated.

She added further that they are looking to hold Palace briefings once to twice a week, or "more if needed."

Due to the positive announcement of the incoming Marcos administration, veteran TV host and broadcast journalist Jay Sonza made an initial list of possible bloggers who could be accredited alongside the mainstream media journalists. 

Some of the most prominent bloggers who could be accredited includes Bobi Tiglao, Ermin Garcia Jr., Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan, Atty. Nick Nangit, RJ Nieto aka Thinking Pinoy, Sass Sasot, Rita Gadi, Mark Lopez, Ka Tunying, Rene Astudillo, MJ Quiambao Reyes, Krizette Chu, Batas Mauricio, Mike Abe and other lawyers, doctors, and teachers. 

Read the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:


Press Sec. Beatrix Cruz-Angeles conducting a news conference/briefing at Malacanan Palace, with the following bloggers/vbloggers in attendance:

1. Bobi Tiglao, former press secretary, former ambassador, former business, professor @Kyoto University and economics reporter, contributing editor of Manila Times.

2. Ermin Garcia Jr., former publisher-editor of Manila Times, publisher of Sunday Punch (Dagupan City, Pangasinan)

3. Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan, Luminous blogger/vblogger, lawyer, Tambayan program presenter @DWIZ, Aliw Broadcasting Network

4. Atty. Nick Nangit, blogger/vblogger, taxation expert, professor of laws, Tambayan co-presenter @DWIZ, Aliw Broadcasting Netowrk

5. RJ Nieto, Thinking Pinoy Blog, researcher, statistician, Masters in Statistic UK

6. Sass Rogando Sasot, professor in foreign diplomacy and foreign relations-The Netherlands

7. Rita Gadi, former news & public affairs anchor MBS-TV 4, OPS media relations officer of 20 years, broadcaster.

8. Mark Lopez, Pugad Bloggers DZRJ

9. Ka Tunying, former ABS-CBN program presenter, DZRH co-anchor, vblogger

10. Rene' Astudillo, vblogger Adobo Chronicle

11. MJ Quiambao-Reyes, MSME businesswoman, blogger

12. Krizette Laureta Chu, tourism and travel executive, blogger

13. Jay Sonza/JOB Tapatan - former news director ABS-CBN, program presenter GMA, TV5, RPN9, PTV4, dzmm, DZRH, DZME, RMN dzxl, DZBB, political science and economics teacher, farmer

14. Lawyers Leni & Batas Mauricio, veteran news reporter JUCRA, Lingkod Batas

15. Mike Abe, vblogger, Metro Manila broadcasters union chairman, program presenter SMNI

16. Others - lawyers, doctors, teachers, doctors, etc.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

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