Viral Video: Guy Complains About Bad Food But Give Away $1,000 Tip

A certain guy eating in a restaurant pranks servers with complain about "bad food," but later on he revealed his real intentions as he quickly earned praises on social media for his actions. The video was originally posted by popular vlogger ThatWasEpic.

The vlogger behind the popular ThatWasEpic FB Page and other social media account went to several restaurants to prank some servers and give them a great rewards afterwards. 

In a viral video posted on social media which generated more than 7 million views on Facebook alone and it is still counting, the vlogger pretended to complain about the "bad food" that he received. 

The vlogger even went as far as asking the servers to call their manager or the chef of the restaurant where he was eating. 

For ordinary servers, calling their boss and other superiors can really be bad because they could later get in trouble with the management for not handling the complaint in a better way. 

In the said video, the first server even looked like she was about to cry but later on when she finally learned that it was all a prank, the server even refused to accept the money several times but the vlogger insisted. 

Aside from the servers who was astonished with the gesture of the vlogger, the manager or owners of the said restaurant were also amazed that this guy, the guy from That Was Epic FB Page, was willing to give that much money in tips. 

Netizens were also praising the vlogger for his gestures and for doing the said good pranks. 

Although the vlogger made the servers feel bad at first, he did redeem himself with such a huge $1,000 tip from somebody they didn't expect. 

The Facebook version of the viral video posted by ThatWasEpic already generated more than 7 million views while the YouTube version of the video garnered more than 2 million views. 

Watch the YouTube Version:

Source: YouTube / Facebook 

Viral Video: Guy Complains About Bad Food But Give Away $1,000 Tip Viral Video: Guy Complains About Bad Food But Give Away $1,000 Tip Reviewed by Phil Newsome on June 08, 2022 Rating: 5
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