Mark Lopez: How to Interview Like Gretchen Ho (SEA Games 2019)

Veteran blogger and radio host Mark Lopez revealed on his latest social media post a sarcastic statement against Gretchen Ho and shared the techniques on how to be like her as a journalist.

Gretchen Ho made some headlines on social media after a video of her interview with a Singaporean athlete focusing mainly on the reactions of the athletes in terms in accommodations, transportation and the food they eat and not on the actual sports competition went viral on various social media sites.

During the said interview, instead of asking questions relevant to the games the athlete will be playing, Gretchen Ho focused mainly in the player's personal experience with the venue and the impressions of the host country.

Due to the popularity of Gretchen Ho's controversial interview, Mark Lopez posted a scenario and shared it with his followers revealing some strategies of Gretchen Ho on how to interview a national athlete who will be competing in an international tournament to represent his country.

Read the Sarcastic Statement of Mark Lopez Against Gretchen Ho:

How to interview a National ATHLETE who will be competing in an INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT to represent his country, by GRETCHEN HO:

Question: How was your arrival? Did you like the airport?

Question: How is the Shuttle service? Did you like the bus?

Question: How is the accommodation? Is there a bed in your room?

Question: How is the food? Were you served kikiam?

Question: How is the venue of the tournament? Do you like the sand surface? Is it overpriced?

End of interview.

Oh, by the way, the sporting event is the 2019 SEA Games Beach Volleyball, and the athlete was Mark Shen from Singapore....

No mention of the actual sport, of the competition, of what it is like to represent your country.

But does it matter?


Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

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