BlackPink Fanbases Union Issues Statement Against Blackpink PH Alleged Misconduct

One of the world's leading fanbases of world-renowned Korean Pop Star Artist, Blackpink, the Blackpink Fanbases Union or Twitter user @PBFanBaseUnion issued an alarming statement against the Philippine based fans club of Blackpink, the BlankPink PH for their alleged misconduct which is detrimental to the group they supported.

According to Blackpink Fanbases Union which has more than half a million followers worldwide in Twitter alone, the conduct of Blackpink PH in relation to the Manila concerts and Lisa's birthday falls below the standards that Blackpink fanbases expect of each other. 

The Union stated that a concert date falling adjacent ot any member's birthday is an incredible opportunity. It's a chance to come together as a community and celebrate each member's special day. 

They noted further that "Born Pink in Manila should be that for Lisa, but this date has become increasingly marred in controversies involving the conduct of Blackping PH, who has repeatedly failed to coordinate effectively with other major relevant fanbases including Blackpink fanbases and Lisa's fanbases. 

One of the most popular member of the K-Pop group Blankpink, Lisa or Lalisa Manobal (Manoban), a Thai rapper, singer and dancer. She will be celebrating her 26th birthday this coming March 27. Blackpink will be visiting Manila for their Blackpink World Tour (Born Pink) Manila (Bulacan) at the Philippine Arena this coming March 25, 2023.

Blackpink Union Fanbases explained that they have years of experience in coordinating with YG Entertainment, tour promoters, and solo fanbases. If Blackpink PH was unsure or required a second opinion, they had access to these experienced admins, but they chose not to request help or a second opinion. 

As a result, Blackping fanbases were dismayed to watch this disrespectful conduct towards Lisa and associated fanbases take place with no chance to correct it before it happened. 

According to Blackpink Fanbases Union, Blackpink PH is affiliated with brands and raises money from Blinks. The terms used for all supporters and fans of Blackpinks. They expect full transparency with just just Blinks, but also the collaborators that they work with, including other fanbases.

These mistakes should not be made, and communication with other fanbases should not be an afterthought. 

As a result, Blankpink Fanbases Union asked for the following actions from Blackpin PH:

1. Hand over development and production of Lisa's birthday cake to LISANATIONS and Team Lisa PH

2. Immediately agree to add LISANATIONS, Team Lisa PH and Blackpink Fanbase Union to all officiall communications regarding Lisa's birthday, to ensure oversight. 

3. Agree to engage with Blackpink fanbases in the future to plan for greater transparency and fairness. 

4. Consider placement of a proper management or change of ownership with the union supervision.  

Source: Twitter

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