Netizens Reacts on Kakampinks Rally Bringing Balloons That Harms the Environment

Netizens took to social media as they reacted to the latest display of Kakampinks in a campaign rally wherein their supporters was seen bringing balloons to allegedly manipulate having a huge crowd. 

According to netizen Nem Ledda the supporters of the Leni-Kiko tandems using balloons to double the pink image so drone shots will look twice as much attendees. It is indeed a bright ideas but a already a rotten style. 

The reactions of the netizens came out on social media after veteran blogger and international relations expert Sass Rogando Sasot shared the campaign rally of the Leni-Kiko team featuring thousands of supporters bringing with them balloons as part of their strategy to look like a having enormous crowd. 

Sass Rogando Sasot posted the following message: "To the campaign team of BBM-Sara,, please ban balloons in your campaign rallies. Hwag gayahin ang mga Kakampink. That plasltic will likely pollute our waters. The Philippines is already the 3rd largest plastic polluter of the sea!!!."

Netizens reacted with the expose of Sass Sasot as they also shared their sentiments and disappointment towards the supporters of VP Leni Robredo and Sen. Kiko Pangilinan. 

Read Some of the Comments Posted on Social Media:

Remegio Dejito: Audience multiplier when viewed on a far distant camera...

Mandi Ferrer: calling all environmentalists... this act is punishable by law

Ran Sr ZJ: Balloons can be mistaken as heads/body of the crowd in a drone SHOT. It is the Style of the Pink Taliban party as part of their dirty tactics for bandwagon effect. While BBM SARA UNITEAM crowd everywhere is real.

Adelaida Barrozo: Hopefully, those balloons won't be present after election..else, votes might also ballooned to the favored candidates!!!

Rina Rose: I strongly agree. It causes pollution and is detrimental, both to land and sea creatures, especially if ingested.

Ninfa Macabenta: Sabi nila they love the invironment. Now how can they prove that? Balloons will add to the non biodegradable wastes which will pollute our watwrs if not attended well.

Yvette Flores: You see the difference? The UniTeam supporters bring flaglets, flag nang Pinas.. Shows that they will vote for the country hindi sa mismong taong tumatakbo... then this, tsk!

Myrna Morales: See the way PINKLAWAN CHEATS the people!

Alan Cabanglan: Naduwal na ung mga pink environmentalists.. you know, Duality. They even speak about the harsh effects of BNPP, which haven't emitted any pollutants up unto this day, yet here they are: Emitting pollutants to the sea.. kaya wag na magulat kung may maprito kayong isda na may pink balloon sa loob

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot FB Page

Netizens Reacts on Kakampinks Rally Bringing Balloons That Harms the Environment Netizens Reacts on Kakampinks Rally Bringing Balloons That Harms the Environment Reviewed by Phil Newsome on March 09, 2022 Rating: 5
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