Psychologist Shares Brilliant Observations of BBM's First Political Ad

A vocal supporter of Presidential bet Bongbong Marcos (BBM) shared her brilliant observations on the viral and first political campaign ad of Sen. Bongbong from the perspective of psychology. 

During the past few days, the first political ad of Sen. Bongbong Marcos went viral on social media for its simple yet sophisticated message that created goosebumps among netizens who saw the said viral video ad. 

The popular ad showcased how BBM can be seen standing beside the famous Ilocos Norte windmills and then out of the blue, he picked up one of the windmills. 

The said windmill, now in a miniature form, was passed around starting with the kid in green t-shirt and then to the old farmer in gray long sleeve shirt and so on and so forth. 

The newest BBM ad was intelligently done because the presidential bet and his PR team wisely choose a certain color to appear in the ad because it represents something. 

A self-confessed BBM supporter named Apple Jolo shared on her FB wall to help BBM supporters understand the message BBM wants to convey to the Filipinos via his first political ad. 

Watch the Political Ad of BBM:

Read the Complete Statement of Apple Jolo:

My observations...

I noticed that BBM wore a Blue shirt in his political ad. The kid wore Green, an old man wore Gray, a church choir wore Blue. Me thinks it's a subtle message.

Blue in Psychology represents calmness. Him wearing the color, not Red, is a sign that he is extending a peace offering to all of us. It is a message that we should not be scared if he gets elected because what he offers is security and tranquility.

The kid wearing Green makes me think of Sara, the younger generation who will take the reins of leadership after his term. He gave the windmill to the child first, didn't he?

The Gray represents compromise because it is a cross between White and Black. He addressed the neutrals, the people who may be undecided and have no partisan politics in mind, the poor, the old. Gray is a color of working together, meeting in the middle, and diplomacy.

Blue worn by a choir, to me, signifies peace with the church and all institutions. That he wants to let them know of his intentions to bridge the gap regardless of how they may have been instrumental in the sad events of his family's history, the Philippines, and especially his father.

Still having goosebumps here.

BBM-Sara 2022.

Watch the Political Ad of BBM:

Source: Apple Jolo FB Page

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