DDS Open Letter: Trust Mayor Inday Sara Just As She Trust BBM

A concerned netizen and self-confessed DDS (Diehard Duterte Supporters) wrote an open letter for unity of the pro-Bong Go DDS faction and pro-Marcos DDS group after the controversial decision of Sen. Bong Go to withdraw from the presidential race. 

The latest development in politics made some significant effects on the strategy of all the presidential bet except Sen. Bongbong Marcos camp. 

Mayor Isko Domagoso's camp saw an opportunity and immediately released a statement saying that President Duterte's endorsement is very much welcome. 

Some of Pro-Bong Go Vloggers and celebrities are now saying they are not going to support BBM in the wake of Bong Go's dropping from the presidential race. There are some Go supporters who are hinting to their followers that they are going to support Mayor Isko's presidential bid. 

A DDS allied with the Bongbong Marcos camp who is identified as as Mark Ian, wrote an open letter imploring the DDS who have misgivings about BBM to support his presidential bid in the absence of Sen. Bong Go. 

He even questioned some vloggers who expressed support with Mayor Isko, why would some DDS trust Isko Moreno who severely criticized the Duterte administration in the last few months. 

Mark Ian urged all the DDS that they should trust Mayor Inday Sara Duterte, who trust BBM, it follows that the DDS who trust Sara Duterte also trust her choice and that is no other than Bongbong Marcos (BBM). 

The self-confessed DDS reminded his fellow Duterte supporters that Mayor Isko disrespected the President, imagine when he became President and Duterte is no longer the president. 

The pro-Marcos DDS ended his open letter by saying something that every Filipinos can agree on - Sara will never, ever put her father in the harms way. 

Read the Complete Statement of Mark Ian:

Dear DDS,

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte is the only one that can protect President Duterte.

Kanino ba nagtitiwala ang anak ng Pangulo? Kay Bongbong Marcos , di ba? Hindi kay Mayor Isko Moreno - na nitong mga nagdaang buwan ay grabe kung umatake at manira sa administrasyon.

Kung kinakaya- kaya ng isang first term mayor ang isang Presidente , paano nalang kung naging pangulo na ang alkalde na ito at bumaba na sa pwesto si President Duterte?

Hindi na natin babanggitin ang kwento nina Mayor Lim at Presidente Erap sa kung paano natapos ang relasyon nila kay Mayor Isko pagkatapos nila siyang tulungan..


Sana.. kung ano ang init ng panawagan ninyo for Mayor Sara to run noon , ganun din ang ibigay ninyong suporta sa kanyang naging desisyon ngayon.

Huwag ninyo ipakain ang inyong nasimulang mga prinsipyo.

Sana maisip niyo yan. Hindi kailanman ipapahamak ni Mayor Inday ang kanyang ama.

God bless. 

Source: Mark Ian FB Page

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