Mark Lopez: Javier Parra, Overstaying Foreigner & Personally Acquainted with Maria Ressa

Concerned netizen and prominent Pro-Duterte blogger Mark Lopez made an interesting expose regarding the controversial foreigner who had a verbal altercation with the member of the Philippine National Police inside an exclusive subdivision in Makati City.

According to Mark Lopez, the disrespectful, arrogant, and drunk person involved in the Dasma incident, Spanish national Javier Parra, is an OVERSTAYING FOREIGNER, based on the information presented by Makati City Police.

Javier Parra is also personally acquainted with Rappler CEO and controversial journalist Maria Ressa, who immediately facilitated the publication of the said incident in Rappler, merely on the basis of Parra's alleged e-mail to Maria Ressa.

In the viral Facebook post of Mark Lopez, a certain Didi Manuel added an information that Javier Parra is allegedly the owner of Indochina Strings.

Indochina Strings is a travel agency that was involved in several issues of non-fulfillment on their partnership with several group buying sites during their previous operations.

Netizens also reacted with the latest information provided by Mark Lopez with his readers.

Here's Some of the Comments Posted on Social Media:

Emerson Nuval: Rappler articles are definitely moronic. The publication has contributed to the dumbing down of Philippine society because instead of helping keep the Filipino people well-informed, they only present one side – the side that fits their own agendas.

Francis Ancola:  Ipa deport na yan. I dont see the police as abusive and provocative. For me, he is too nice. He is also not authorititive which he should be.

All contrary to what fake news media Rappler wants to show.
If i were the foreigner, i will be talking nicely to the policeman especially he is overstaying here.
See the sense of entitlement of this foreigner who is bff with Maria Ressa that is tatak "Dilawan attitude".

Leah Gonzalez: Ngayon nakalkal tuloy ang status nya. Overstaying undesirable alien pala si mokong
Dapat silipin din kung sino nag-grant ng Filipino citizenship din ni Ressa. Super undesirable scrotum faced alien din in alien kasi mukhang galing sa ibang planeta

Florizel Chavez: Sakto kumpleto na ang ebidensiya for deportation. Undesirable and overstaying alien. Sipain na agad yan!!

Ester Dajon Misuela: So, hindi komo nakatira sa elite exclusive subdivision ay matino, desente. Much pala na andun mga iligal aliens.

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page
Mark Lopez: Javier Parra, Overstaying Foreigner & Personally Acquainted with Maria Ressa Mark Lopez: Javier Parra, Overstaying Foreigner & Personally Acquainted with Maria Ressa Reviewed by Phil Newsome on April 29, 2020 Rating: 5
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