Derek Ramsay Slams Spanish National "Kuya Magbago Ka Na!"

Veteran actor Derek Ramsay criticized the Spanish national who confronted the cops and argued with them about the rules of the enhanced community quarantine. The Spanish national made a name for himself on social because of the viral video.

The video showed a Police Officer and a foreign national having a heated conversation inside an exclusive Dasma Village in Makati City.

Due to the said incident, actor Dennis Ramsay shared his thoughts on the incident as he told the foreigner identified as Javier Parra that he should respect the law enforcers as they're trying to maintain peace and order in the Philippines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Derek Ramsay said that living in a super-exclusive subdivision doesn't automatically make Parra a decent person.

The actor also urged Parra to change his attitude and appreciate the sacrifice of the frontliners.

Show respect to our soldiers and policemen!! Just because you are rich and live in an expensive residential area makes you decent or better than everyone,” Ramsay said.

“Kuya mag bago ka na! Your arrogance doesnt help. These men and women are fighting hard for all of us so keep your mouth shut if you have nothing respectful to say,” he added.

Derek Ramsay also slammed an online news website and called what they did as a 'bad journalism' accusing them of trying to make the image of the law enforcers bad.

"“Bad journalism!!!!! Stop making it seem that our soldiers and policemen are always the bad guys. Shouldn’t you get all the details and facts first before posting an article about the situation?” he said.

A lawmaker claimed that Javier Parra admitted that he's doing busines in the Philippines and employing 80 people but he was only using his tourist visa. Para is now facing multiple charges and possible deportation if he was provent to be an undesirable alien in the Philippines.

Mr. Parra was only issued a tourist visa. He may already be overstaying in the Philippines. By his own admission, in the video recording released in social media, Mr. Parra employs 80 Filipinos. That is a violation of the conditions of his tourist visa which prohibits him from engaging in any form of business while in our country,” 1-PACMAN party-list Representative Eric Pineda said.

“The DFA already announced that all previously issued Philippine visas to foreign nationals are deemed cancelled. This was done so that foreign nationals will not stay in the Philippines during the COVID19 ECQ. Mr. Parra is not a permanent resident of the Philippines. If he only had a Tourist Visa, how is he staying here?” Pineda added.

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Derek Ramsay Slams Spanish National "Kuya Magbago Ka Na!" Derek Ramsay Slams Spanish National "Kuya Magbago Ka Na!" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on April 29, 2020 Rating: 5
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