Jay Sonza Says ABS-CBN's Katigbak Apology is NOT Sincere: "Sinungaling Ka, Sinadya Ninyo Iyon!"

Veteran journalist and prominent social media personality with a huge following on social media, Jay Sonza claimed that he is not convinced with the apology of ABS-CBN Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Carlo Katigbak and called the CEO liar.

Jay Sonza posts a series of Facebook statement, as he slammed Carlo Katigbak for his insincere apology and explained to his followers why he knows that the Kapamilya boss is lying to the President on his issuance of apology during the Senate Hearing on ABS-CBN Franchise.

During the said hearing, the ABS-CBN CEO apologized to the President and explained why they fail to air the ad of the former Mayor of Davao City.

"We were sorry if we offended the President. We felt that we are just abiding with the laws and regulations that surround the airing of political ads," Katigbak said.

"ABS (CBN) does not and will not have its own political agenda," he added.

Jay Sonza stated that the CEO is only trying to hide his true personality in front of the media and some lawmakers, by talking calmly during the said hearing.

"Carlo LOPEZ Katigbak played his role very well. Larawan siya ng nagbabalatkayong angel. di mo pag-iisipang may sa demonyo rin,” said Sonza.

The former ABS-CBN talent added further that "Carlo Lopez Katigbak kasasabi mo lang walang mali sa ginagawa nyo sa abs-cbn, Bakit ka nagsosori kay Duterte? why are you saying sorry when you just said there is nothing irregular in your conduct of business. Ano? nakikipaglokohan lang. for public consumption para sabihin nagsori na kami pero matigas si presidente at galit siya sa amin,” he also said.

The veteran journalist Sonza revealed further that ABS-CBN is the only elevision station that aired the anti-Duterte ad despite featuring minors talking about the sensitive topics about the President who’s a candidate during that time. He also argued that if the Kapamilya Network is a responsible company, they're not going to air a commercial showing the faces of minors because it's against the rules of KBP and MTRCB.

Jay Sonza then called Sen. Grace Poe as the "most important talent" of the Kapamilya Network.

"Meet the most important in-house artist/talent of the Kapamilya Network. Grace Poe-Llamanzares, former partner at MTRCB, now ours at the Philippine Senate. Grace is our most dependable performer. She’s not a lawyer, pero maaasahang tagapagtanggol!” Sonza wrote.

Source: Jay Sonza FB Page

Jay Sonza Says ABS-CBN's Katigbak Apology is NOT Sincere: "Sinungaling Ka, Sinadya Ninyo Iyon!" Jay Sonza Says ABS-CBN's Katigbak Apology is NOT Sincere: "Sinungaling Ka, Sinadya Ninyo Iyon!" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on February 26, 2020 Rating: 5
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