Blogger Explains Why Pres. Duterte Will Re-Use Dengvaxia Depite PNoy's Failure

Prominent blogger and veteran social media defender of Pres. Rody Duterte, Miss Krizette Laureta Chu explained the reasons why the President of the Philippines is now open for the possibilities of re-using Dengvaxia due to the Dengue problems in the country today.

According to Krizette Chu, the former President really doesn't get the context of Pres. Rody Duterte's decision to re-use the controversial Dengvaxia vaccine.

The controversy according to the blogger is not with the effectiveness of the anti-dengue vaccines but with the implementation of the Aquino administration.

During the administration of Aquino, the Dengvaxia vaccine were utilized by the Department of Health (DOH) as they initiated the first batch of vaccine application to more than 800,000 schoolchildren.

The problems with the Dengvaxia vaccines was its used and implementation because it should be applied only to children who already suffered dengue infections and will cause a huge problems among children who were not infected by the dengue virus.

Read the Complete Statement of Krizette Laureta Chu:


This ex-President really doesn't get it. "Kung walang maidudulot na masama bakit hindi gamitin?"

Kasi po, may maidudulot na masama sa mga taong tinurukan ninyo na hindi pa nagkakadengue. Ang Dengvaxia ay mainam para sa na dengue na.

As I've beens saying over and over, there is NOTHING WRONG with the drug Dengvaxia itself (I was in Marikina when they first vaccinated the first batch of what would be a massive 800,000 schoolchildren. I was in IRTM when they first discussed it, and the ongoing trials were then being acrried out in Cebu.).

the Reason I was obsessed with, and terrified of dengue (and praning) is that a love one almost died from it in 2009 so I became really paranoid (until now, tha's why I get anxiety attacks because of the epidemic.)

Because of my obsession with dengue,  I do advocacy work for it, including creating videos before, including mosquito repellent lotion and mosquito nets in my relief and rehab kits giveaways, and writing about dengue for an international dengue watch website. Yes I do channel my kapraningan into something solid.

I have been closely following Dengvaxia since its trial phases and there is nothing wrong with the vaccine. My paranoid self was grateful for that vaccine and I would attend all the talks when the executives came.

Ang hindi maintindihan ni Pnoy, or nagtatanga-tangahan lang sila ni Janet Garin, is that this vaccine should only be administered by pediatricians or private doctors (not massive vaccination level) who know the history of their patients, as Dengvaxia is only for those who have already had prior dengue infection.

This is how dengue USUALLY works: first infection, you’re going to get mild illness and you may never even know you got dengue.

Second infection: possible hemorrhagic infection because your body has already built antibodies and is fighting it, and so makes the disease more severe.

Dengvaxia makes the second infection MILDER. Which is why you should only get it if you’ve already gotten the first dengue infection.

If you get Dengvaxia na hindi ka pa na dengue, when you do get dengue, the virus in the vaccine will make it seem you already got dengue, so your second infection is going to be worse, which is why so many children may have (MAY HAVE) passed away because of the indiscriminate usage of Dengvaxia.

And this president, to excuse himself of his culpability in his indiscriminate vaccination, which he used 3 billion pesos for so close to 2016 election, and which Sanofi didn’t want to reimburse because apparently they didn’t get that money (Grabe ang corruption) will use Dengvaxia again as a way to end dengue epidemic.

Whether or not we use Dengvaxia again, this time with proper guidance by pediatricians, with lab tests done to check if patient already had prior infection, the fact remains:


Kaya wag na wag magamit ni Pnoy yung efficacy ng Dengvaxia para lang magmukha syang walang kasalanan.

Uulitin ko para walang lusot: Pnoy is now pretending that Dengvaxia is effective, when we know it is, but for only a select people.
He did not do his due diligence. It is ONLY effective to those who have already had DENGUE. And so he still should be made accountable for the indiscriminate vaccination of 800,000 children.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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