Jay Sonza Mocks the VP Leni-Like Math Skills of Maria Ressa

Retired journalist and veteran TV host Jay Sonza mocks the alleged VP Leni-Like Mathematical skills of Rappler's Founder and Chief Executive Officer Maria Ressa after  claiming that only 5% of her company's shares was given to their foreign funder Omidyar Network.

During the International media forum attended by Rappler's Maria Ressa, she inadvertently admitted that indeed Piere Omidyar, billionaire investor and founder of eBay, invested a measly 5% or $4.5-Million into Rappler.

Based on the latest Facebook post of Jay Sonza he questioned the real value of Rappler as he noted that Rappler's book of accounts, it has a capital of P240 million.

When compared to the estimated funds provided by Omidyar, $4.5 million, once converted by P51 to a dollar, it is already a whopping P229 million.

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Jay Sonza reckoned that if Rappler's Book of Accounts say it has a capital of P240 milion and Omidyear poured in $4.5 million (P229 Million) in Rappler, then Maria Ressa's math skills was way off and could be comparable to that of VP Leni Robredo.

Read the Complete Statement of Jay Sonza:

according to Rappler's Book of Accounts, it has a capital of P240M.

Omidyar's (foreign) invested (according to ressa under her name, representing only 5 percent ) $4.5M only or equivalent to P225M.

Filipino (domestic) investments would only total to P15M.

Pati sa arithmetic may problema din pala si maria.

Kahit paano ko kuwentahin iyong perang dayuhan ay mahigit sa 95 porsiyento kapital ng kumpanyang Rappler.

Iyong video at transcript ng Freedom Conference at isang matibay na pruweba sa kasong anti-dummy at tax evasion laban kay ressa.

Sa sobrang katabilan, ipinahamak ng dating production assistant ni News5 chief luchie Cruz (first employment ni ressa was with abs-cbn under cheche Lazaro and u. p. prof. luchie in 1986-87) ang kanyang sarili.

Source: Jay Sonza

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