Radio Host Reveals More Alleged Lies of Rappler & Maria Ressa

Veteran radio host and micro-blogger Mark Lopez revealed more and more alleged lies of Rappler and their CEO Maria Ressa after the statement of the journalist that Omidyar Network only them at least 5% or worth $4.5 million compared to the value of Rappler.

According to Mark Lopez if Maria Ressa was telling the truth that the $4.5 million only comprised 5% of the total value of Rappler.

The perceived value of Rappler is already worth $90 million if the Omidyar shares of $4.5 million is only 5% of the total value of the company that Maria Ressa co-founded with some of her closest friends in the media industry.

Based on the current exchange rate of 51.13 to a dollar the $90 Million value of Rappler is already P4.6 billion in the Philippines but this could be questioned because the company only declared having P300 milion worth of assets which could lead to the assumption that the P230 million shares of Omidyar can possibly influence the company.

Read the Complete Statement of Mark Lopez:

Which is which?

Pag ang $4.5Million ay sinabing 5% ng kabuuan, ang value ng buo ay $90Million, tama?

So sa current forex na 51.13 ang $90M ay P4.6BILLION, tama?

Yan 4.6B ay lalabas na syang current value ni Rappler.

Ganyan ba kalaki si Rappler?

Eh isang opisina lang yan tapos si Pia Ranada lang ang reporter at yung iba mukhang mga intern lang? Are you telling me na si Pia Ranada eh ang sweldo nasa 500k a month, si Rambo Talabong eh 300k, tapos si Ressa eh nasa P1M per month? Ganun?

Eh bakit sa SEC papers nya, ang value lang ni Rappler eh nasa P300Million lang?

Pano yan?

So yung $4.5M investment ni Omidyar eh nasa P230Million na.

Eh base sa numero na yan, parang si Omidyar na ang halos may ari ng Rappler.

Ano ang totoo?

Madam Leni, can you do the math?

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

Radio Host Reveals More Alleged Lies of Rappler & Maria Ressa Radio Host Reveals More Alleged Lies of Rappler & Maria Ressa Reviewed by Phil Newsome on July 13, 2019 Rating: 5
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