R. Tiglao Expose How Maria Ressa Spits on Our Laws and on the Truth, Then Invokes Press Freedom

Veteran journalist and former Ambassador Rigoberto Tiglao made another explosive expose about the controversial CEO of Rapper, Maria Ressa an international journalist that is now allegedly aligned to the Liberals.

In the latest column of Rigoberto Tiglao posted in the official website of The Manila Times, Tiglao exposed how Maria Ressa spits on our laws and on the truth and then invokes press freedom.

According to Tiglao he felt astonished on how many in the press here and abroad have rushed to swallow hook, line, and sinker Rappler CEO Maria Ressa's lies that with her arrest on cyber libel charges, she is a victim of the wrath of the Duterte administration.

The veteran journalist stated that Maria Ressa simply is an extreme case of a person with such a huge sense of entitlement and an elephantine ego that she thinks she can violate our laws because she and Rappler are on a noble crusade fighting an "evil" government.

Tiglao explained that in the controversial Rappler article, they claimed: "The Department of Justice (DOJ) recommended the filing in court of cyber libel charges against Ressa... over sa story published in May 2012 - or 4 months before the law that they allegedly violated was enacted."

The veteran columnist debunked the lies of Rappler as he revealed that the story was indeed published first on May 29, 2012, or before the Anti-Cyber-Libel Law was enacted in July and came into force the next month. But the story was "updated" on February 19, 2014 - two years after the law had been in full force.

If an article on the internet that was posted years ago is "updated" today, for example, if is as if it was reported only today. And to this day, more than a year after the businessman filed the case, it is still posted on Rappler's website, as if telling the administration, "F**k you, go ahead and arrest us for libel."

The said Rappler article was ruthless in savaging CJ Corona, and any editor would have seen it easily as libel”Even as the Corona impeachment trial comes to a close Tuesday, controversy continues to hound the Chief Justice. He appears to have a penchant for using vehicles registered under the names of controversial personalities.

His black Chevrolet Suburban, a sports utility vehicle he used to travel to and from the Senate — when he appeared on May 22 and 25 before the impeachment court — is being linked to questionable transactions and persons.

Due to the said malicious article posted by Rappler, Rigoberto Tiglao revealed that he was told that Keng, the businessman who filed the charges, was reportedly so angry at Rappler since it refused to admit its lies and take down the article from the internet.

This is because, after the publication of the article, Keng lost business worth more than a P100 million, as the article practically identified him as against the Aquino administration because of his alleged support of Corona. His would-be partners got spooked by this and backed off from their planned deals.

To Know More About the Expose of Rigoberto Tiglao, just head on to the official website of The Manila Times.

Source: The Manila Times

R. Tiglao Expose How Maria Ressa Spits on Our Laws and on the Truth, Then Invokes Press Freedom R. Tiglao Expose How Maria Ressa Spits on Our Laws and on the Truth, Then Invokes Press Freedom Reviewed by Phil Newsome on February 15, 2019 Rating: 5
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