Manny Pangilinan to Increase 8888 Lines After Pres. Duterte Warns to Close PLDT

Telecommunications tycoon and considered as one of the country's well-respected businessman and CEO of the PLDT Group of Companies vowed to add more lines for the government's 8888 anti-graft hotline after Pres. Rody Duterte himself said that the hotline is always busy.

The very first President from Mindanao issued his warning against Manny V. Pangilinan's company on Sunday night, during the PDP-Laban campaign rally in Cebu City. Pres. Duterte said that he might close a big telecom company for not adding trunklines for the 8888 hotlines.

Pres. Duterte was quoted as saying "If you see c*rruption, tell me. Call 8888. Bong [Go], add another trunk line. The present setup can’t accommodate all the calls. It’s always busy. Tell PLDT. If not, I’ll shut down their business," Duterte said

“Oo, that’s true. I don’t want to brag, but they owe the government eight billion [pesos]. No President has ever asked for payment. But when I became President, I said…,” he added.

The statement of Pres. Duterte reached the camp of Manny Pangilinan who issued an apology to the President, saying that they're going to do their best to solve the complaint of the former Mayor of Davao City turned the country's chief executive.

“We’re gonna put more lines than the 20 mandated in the contract with the government and we will man it ourselves,” Pangilinan told reporters

Pangilinan said that he’s glad that the President itself informed about the issue, saying that they’re going to solve it.

“We apologize for that. We are glad that the President caught our attention to it,” he said.

According to Pangilinan, the 8888 call center only got few workers and it cannot take many calls from the complainants at the same time.

“Apparently, the 8888 is really a call center operations for both telcos. We have 20 lines each. We’re supposed to provide the lines, which we have provided but the lines are not manned properly, undermanned so not all the calls are getting answered,” Pangilinan said.

Pangilinan pointed out that the government and the telecom company only agreed to have 20 service lines in their contract, however as a response to the criticisms of the President, they would forget what was written on the agreement.

“We will forget what the agreement said so we will increase the number of lines to accommodate the calls and we will man it ourselves. So we are responding to the President’s criticism,” Pangilinan said.

8888 hotline is one of the first projects of the Duterte administration. The citizens of the Philippines can inform the national government about questionable activities of public officials by calling the said hotline, their identities were also not disclosed to the general public.

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Manny Pangilinan to Increase 8888 Lines After Pres. Duterte Warns to Close PLDT Manny Pangilinan to Increase 8888 Lines After Pres. Duterte Warns to Close PLDT Reviewed by Phil Newsome on February 28, 2019 Rating: 5
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