Netizens Slams Trillanes for Saying He is the "Symbol of Democracy"

Senator Antonio Trillanes made headlines anew on social media after he claimed in an interview with a local radio station in Metro Manila that he is the "Symbol of Democracy" in the Philippines.

Netizens took to social media as they slammed Trillanes for his recent statement claiming he represents Philippine democracy

The statment of Trillanes came out when he was asked by dzBB anchor Nimfa Ravelo why would the people care at all about his case. Sen. Trillanes responded by saying "Ako simbolo ng demokrasya. Ako ay miyembro ng opposition. At kung [matalo] ako, lalabas na wala nang rule of law, may erosion, o wala na ang demokrasya." Trillanes stated.

Trillanes statement caught the attentions of netizens as they lambasted the senator for his biased claims against the government.

According to Facebook user Jun Sdat, there's just one basic problem with Trillanes term about Democracy. The FB user explained that Democracy is the voice of the majority. How can he proclaim he is on the side of Democracy when he aligns himself with the minority? He's just playing the victim card and uses the overused term Democracy to hopefully stir up emotions in the people.

Here's Some of the Most Controversial Comments Against Trillanes:

Arnold V R Santos Symbol of democracy? Everything has its own threshold, and crossing between the line is a deviation of what is standard of norms...what you did is an abused to democracy, which all of us filipino continue to do so...more than democracy we, filipino people needs more of discipline in everything... #JustAThoughtOfIt ....

Pablito Ecuben No,he is the symbol of arrogant person,an attack dog in order to satisfy the needs of his handler.what a shame.

Francis Sanchez People do care about his hearing because they are waiting to see him put away so they can celebrate with tears of joy.

Dante Rioroso Rolled into one boastful ,arrogant, lier,corrupt,you're disgrace to the Filipino people!

Julian Yap He is a symbol of insanity (Trililing). A presscon king who lies deviously to overturned the democracy .

Nilo Esquila On the contrary, if the judge favors you then there will no more rule of law and justice system will be in peril. YOUR'S is a selfcentered Yellow Demonicracy, our is a True democracy based on respect to authorities and duly elected government.

Source: Facebook

Netizens Slams Trillanes for Saying He is the "Symbol of Democracy" Netizens Slams Trillanes for Saying He is the "Symbol of Democracy" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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