Pres. Duterte Burns Sen. Drilon Answers Doubts on Why He Prefers Military Men in Government (Video)

The tough-talking President of the Philippines, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte made headlines anew after he burned down Sen. Franklin Drilon by answering all doubts on why the President prefers military men to be assigned in various government agencies compared to civilians.

In an announcement to the media, Pres. Duterte revealed that he has already appointed Rolly Bautista of the Philippine Army as he revealed that the reasons for his penchant in appointing military officers or ex-military, is not to condemn or belittle the bureaucracy but up there, he always wanted somebody from the military to really do what he had to do once appointed.

Pres. Duterte also told the media about his confrontation with a former Cabinet member who asked him to let the funds of the national government to divulged to the mayor because it could be used by the said government official to used the funds for his own benefits and could be given only to those who were loyal to that particular mayor.

Watch How Pres. Duterte Burns Sen. Drilon:

Pres. Duterte was quoted as saying "Hindi pupupwedeng i-divulge yan sa Mayor kasi gagamitin yan ng politika at sasabihin n'yang galing yan sa akin. And that would be prejudice to the other candidates which is not a good example of democracy." Duterte stated.

The former Mayor of Davao City added further that "Pati yong ibang mga Mayor gusto nila ng bodega nila doon ilagay e-preposition ang mga goods na relief in case of crisis. I objected to that, again, kasi una, well of course, hindi sila. yong mga taong may experiences, Mayor for 22 years ganun nga, and I hate that, in my many years, I never claimed any right over, isang piso, sabi ko kayo lang. You give it directly." Pres. Duterte noted.

Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon opposed Pres. Duterte's to appoint a former military officer to the the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), citing the agency’s important role in the delivery of basic government services.

Drilon said the administration of the agency should be left to career officials. Duterte announced Army chief Lt. Gen. Rolando Bautista will become his next social welfare secretary.

Sen. Drilon was quoted as saying "“The President should reconsider his decision to appoint a retired military officer as DSWD secretary. The DSWD is a very sensitive and crucial social welfare agency,” Drilon told dzBB.

“We should not militarize the government. We should maintain the civilian nature of our bureaucracies,” he said.

Source: Facebook / PNA

Pres. Duterte Burns Sen. Drilon Answers Doubts on Why He Prefers Military Men in Government (Video) Pres. Duterte Burns Sen. Drilon Answers Doubts on Why He Prefers Military Men in Government (Video) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on October 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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