Netizen Shares Liberal Party's (LP's) Chances in the 2019 Senatorial Race

A concern netizen and a considered as one of the avid supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, Mr. Willy Ramasola shared his own opinion about the possible embarrassing performance of the Liberal Party (LPs) or their chances in the upcoming 2019 midterm elections particularly in the Senatorial Race.

According to Ramasola there is indeed a huge challenge for the Liberal Party camp in the 2019 elections because only a few senate seats out of the 12 will actually be up for grabs because reelectionists senators and returnees such as Grace Poe, Cynthia Villar, Villar, Binay, Angara, Pimentel, Lapid, Cayetano and Serge Osmeña are almost sure to get into the magic 12.

The Liberal Party senatoriables will also face some challenge against prominent personalities such as JV Ejercito, Jinggoy Estrada and Imee Marcos who is not only supported supported by the Solid North votes but also the highly anticipated Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP) group of local parties headed by Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte.

Governor Imee Marcos is also considered as a solid bet in the Senatorial race because he is backed by Nacionalist Party of the Villar family, which is also one of the fiercest rival of the Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party is only banking on one reelectionist Bam Aquino who is already considered as a nuissance by some social media experts and netizens were already campaigning against him on social media. The LP's main supporters came from the controversial Catholic church leaders, militant groups, alleged communists and some  youth leaders but their opposition against the success of Pres. Duterte is already a sign of fighting a losing battle against Pro-Duterte supporters who dominated the social media scene in the Philippines.

Here's the Complete Statement of Willy Ramasola:

LP’s Chances in the Senatorial Race

The 2019 senatorial elections is going to be another embarrassing performance for the Liberal Party of the Philippines.

The key challenge is that only a few senate seats (out of the 12) will actually be up for grabs because reelectionist senators and returnees namely Poe, Villar, Binay, Angara, Pimentel, Lapid, Cayetano and Serge Osmeña are almost sure to get into the magic 12.

One reelectionist senator JV Ejercito might not even make it if the Estrada family fails to sort out their Internal issues. JV’s estranged half brother Jinggoy Estrada wants to return and this could divide their votes. JV’s decision to use an Estrada lastname could make matters worse as it might lead Comelec to declare him a nuisance candidate.

Another politician causing problems for the LP is Imee Marcos. She belongs to the Nacionalista party which has a strong alliance with the local party of Presidential daughter Sarah from Davao. Imee enjoys full support from vote rich Solid North. The LP and its Catholic, leftist and youth supporters can make all the noise they want against Imee’s father. But the problem is that many of the voters were not born and were not able to witness and feel the much talked about “atrocities” committed during the Marcos dictatoship. But what the young voters today know is that Imee’s father has built the Southen Luzon Expressway, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the Philippine Heart Center, the LRT, the National Kidney Institute, and many more projects and facilities during his 20 years in office.

And people now are intelligent to understand that Imee is not her father. So whatever alleged EJKs her father did, she has nothing to do with them.
Imee is a charismatic, smart and well-loved political leader. Not to mention they have a lot of money. So it will not be a surprise if she will be elected as senator next year. Given the shortage of good candidates I might even vote for her.

Going back to the LP, their only reelectionist Senator Bam Aquino is languishing in recent political surveys and he might not get reelected. Aside from his lastname, one main reason is because he belongs to the Liberal Party.

The LP, despite getting support from educators, church leaders, Magdalo rebel soldiers, activist youth organizations, and even from leftist communist organizations, is not performing well because they don't have a good political strategy to win the hearts of the people who will vote them to office.

For one, they keep on attacking the government’s drive against illegal drugs by pointing out the EJKs and human rights violations. But if you check the surveys by Pulse Asia and SWS, it clearly shows there that majority of Filipinos support the government’s crusade against illegal drugs. It is a very popular program which has helped decrease incidence of robbery, rape and murder in our society.
Criticizing this is an act political suicide by these opposition politicians.

Now the LPs took advantage of the economic problems of the country like the high prices of oil and rice. But these opposition politicians from the Senate and the House of Representatives unfortunately do not offer real solutions to being down prices. The people are already deaf to criticisms. We want solutions to the problems. So if they cant help then its either the problem is really beyond the control of Duterte or that because they, the opposition, are themselves bankrupt of good people with good ideas to help improve our economy.

So what are they doing to try to win a few seats in the Senate?
Aside from Bam Aquino, the LP strategy is to try to field known political family names like a Tañada and a Diokno. They fielded their lawyers who have been exposed to the media as resource persons in TV shows like Hilbay and Macalintal. They adopted the candidacy of Trillanes’ fellow rebel soldier Alejano. And they even considered celebrities like Agot, Jim Paredes and Leah Navarro.

Its not gonna work. They all cannot and will not win.

And it only goes to show that this political party and the groups of oligarchs behind this party do not have a good grasp of the problems and sentiments of the Filipino people. If you cant pinpoint the root causes of our nation’s problems then you cannot come up with effective solutions and you cannot expect support from the Filipino people.

No amount of money or political machinery will be enough to guarantee winning elections. Social media has evened the playing field. We need to listen. Duterte knows how to listen to feedback. And he acts on the essential matters. Thats why he apologizes when he makes mistakes and he fires people from office. Because despite being up there in Malacañang, his feet are still firmly on the ground.

But unfortunately the LP has not learned the lessons from the 2016 Presidential elections. This party needs to get its acts together to avoid further political defeats.

Good luck to all candidates!
God bless the Philippines.

Source: Willy Ramasola FB Page

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