Watch: DOJ Exposed Sen. Drilon's Alleged Lies, Saying that Trillanes Case Was Dismissed (Video)

A concerned netizen exposed the alleged lies in the statement of Sen. Franklin Drilon on his defense with Sen. Antonio Trillanes, as the Senator claimed that the cases filed against Trillanes regarding the Oakwood Mutiny and the Manila Peninsula Seige was already dismissed.

Based upon the records presented by the Department of Justice, the criminal case of Sen. Antonio Trillanes was never dissmissed contrary to the claimed made by Sen. Drilon because se the case was merely suspended and the case is still pending with the court and has yet to be terminated through a promulgation of judgment.

The DOJ claimed that the Makati RTC has not dismissed coup d'etat case against Sen. Trillanes but only suspended promulgation in December 2010 after Trillanes manifested receiving amnesty from then President Benigno S. Aquino III. This is the reason why Makati RTC accepted its motion for issuance of alias warrant and Hold Departure Order against Trillanes.

In the urgent motion of the DOJ to issue a warrant of arrest to Sen. Trillanes they noted that on December 16, 2010, the Honorable Makati RTC Branch issued an Order granting the accused Trillanes' "Motion to Cancel the Promulgation" by reason of Proclmation No. 75, which is considered as a clear indication that the case was not dismissed which was claimed earlier by Sen. Franklin Drilon on his interview with the media.

Sen. Franklin Drilon claimed that all cases filed against Senator Antonio Trillanes were all dismissed in a court of law therefore Trillanes has no pending case in court and the impending arrest of Trillanes inside the Senate premesis is just a mere political persecution gainst the critics of the President.

Sen. Drilon was quoted as saying "In this particular case, there is even no case, there is no case, so with more reason that the Constitutional Protection will apply, so that as a practical remedy, we requested the Senate President, that the Senate takes custody of Sen. Trillanes, pending his ability or his remedies in our regular courts." Drilon stated.

The Liberal Party leader and lawmaker, Sen. Drilon added further, "All the basis, the correctness of the amnesty was already ruled upon by the RTC, when the RTC dismissed the cases against him, on the basis of the amnesty. So all questions with the validity of the amnesty has been ruled upon by the court when the court dismissed the case." Sen. Drilon stated.

Watch the Interview Wherein Sen. Drilon Claimed that Trillanes Case Was Dismissed:

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Watch: DOJ Exposed Sen. Drilon's Alleged Lies, Saying that Trillanes Case Was Dismissed (Video) Watch: DOJ Exposed Sen. Drilon's Alleged Lies, Saying that Trillanes Case Was Dismissed (Video) Reviewed by Phil Newsome on September 05, 2018 Rating: 5
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