MJ Reyes Burns Maria Ressa Anew "Cowardice to the Highest Level"

One of the country's most popular blogger and supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, MJ Quiambao Reyes, burned Rappler's CEO Maria Ressa anew on social media. She even dubbed Maria Ressa's actions of blocking her on social as gesture of "Cowardice to the Highest Level."

MJ Reyes took to Facebook and shared to thousands of followers how she was blocked by Maria Ressa on Twitter after burning down the veteran journalist on social media for spreading misinformation among her followers. Reyes complaint about the recent statement of Maria Ressa on Twitter as she cannot reply to the Rappler CEO because she was blocked by Ressa on the micro-blogging site.

Maria Ressa posted on Twitter the following statement: "Anyone know how this dork who seems to have nothing oroginal to say and ignores and distorts facts? Such arrogance." MJ Reyes was supposed to answer the allegations of Maria Ressa but she could no longer do so because she was blocked by the CEO of Rappler.

The blocking made by Maria Ressa against MJ Reyes is a clear sign that the veteran journalist is afraid of MJ Reyes who exposed the lies of Ressa on social media according to some netizens.

According to MJ Reyes she is for free speech, which Maria Ressa also claim to support although she may not agree with some of her statements and opinions, but she will fight for Ressa's right to express them.

Here's the Complete Statement of MJ Reyes on Facebook:

Dear Maria,

I am for free speech which you also claim to support. I may not agree with some of your statements and opinions, but I will fight for your right to express them.

I also respected your right to block me on Twitter. I did not take it against you nor did I bash you for doing so. 

I just want intelligent discourse which I thought was possible between two responsible thinkers, writers, fact-checkers, and crusaders of freedom of expression. 

For you (and your ilk) to call me names now, resort to ad hominem, and accuse me of the very things you do best (ignoring and distorting facts!) while I'm blocked? Such cowardice.



Source: MJ Reyes Facebook Page

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