Blogger Reveals Connections of Arnold Padilla's Family to the Aquinos

Veteran blogger and prominent social media personality Mike Acbedo Lopez revealed an interesting connections between the controversial viral couple, Arnold Padilla and the Aquino Family after they made headlines earlier for attacking some traffic enforcers with his bodyguards but later on apprehended by authorities due illegal positions of firearms.

It's been two days since the capture of Arnold Padilla, the infamous wealthy businessman who was caught abusing traffic enforcers with his live-in partner and bodyguards, for the alleged illegal positions of firearms, a new controversy surfaced on social media linking Padilla to the powerful Aquino family.

Arnold Padilla's identity is still mysterious and some of the information gathered online, he allegedly earned P1-Million a month because of his property in Baguio City an Metro Manila.

Due to the controversy involving Padilla's identity, a well-known blogger Mike Acebedo Lopez revealed something interesting about the connections of Arnold Padilla to the powerful political family of the Aquinos in the Philippines.

Based upon the information gathered by Lopez, Arnold Padilla is not just wealthy, but also well connected to some powerful politicians, particularly the Aquinos who already produced two Presidents of the Republic.

According to Mike Acebedo Lopez, Arnold Padilla is the grandson of former Senator Ambrosio Padilla, a well-known critic of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Sen. Ambrosio Padilla was elected for three times during the Marcos administration.

After the historic political stint of Padilla in the Senate, former Pres. Corazon Aquino appointed him as Vice Chairman of the historic Constitutional Commission which drafted the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

Arnold Padilal is also the nephew of former Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) President an CEO Alex Padilla who faced controversy after being involved in the P10-Billion Senior Citizen Fund Scam. During this time, Sen. Hontiveros also served as one of PhilHealth's board member.

During the year 2015, Health Secretary Janette Garin and their Chief, Alex Padilla, wrote to budget departemtn asking for permission to use senior citizen's fund to set up the unfinished Barangay Health Stations.

Here's the Complete Revelations of Mike Acebedo Lopez:

IN YELLOW, how apt.

This man, who I’m sure you recognize by now, apart from being accused as the mastermind of his own sister’s murder (believe it or not, this man’s father was accused of the same thing—masterminding the murder of a sister), is the grandson of Ambrosio Padilla, a Cory Aquino appointee, and a nephew of Alex Padilla, a Noynoy Aquino appointee to PhilHealth, who is embroiled in the 10 billion peso senior citizens fund scam.


Source: Mike Acebedo Lopez FB Page

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