Netizens Burns Howie Severino for Complaining Against Government's Action Plan for Marawi Rehab

Concerned netizen Dwayne Segador and Jefry Tupas took to social media and burned down veteran reporter and journalist Howie Severino who seems to post a complain through his official Facebook Page about the actions of the government in the arawi Rehab Program.

Last May 22, 2018, Howie Severino visited Marawi City anew and posted a photos of his visit alongside an intriguing statement which triggers some netizens to react on the said photo and statement of Severino.

Howie Severino was quoted as saying "On rooftop of ruins of the biggest mosque in Marawi, a flag needed to get untangled. First anniversary of the starte of Marawi siege is on May 23, 2018. Severino asked that "seven months after the end of the crisis, there is still no full explanation for the outbreak of the fighting, no rehab plan, bomb clearance is far from over, local reisdents say they have been kept out of their planning process and a joke is going around that Marawi will be renamed Chinatown.

Facebook user Dwayne Segador coudn't control his emotions as he burned down Severino by saying that the jouranlist should realize what he stated during his visit to Marawi and not questioned the authority of the government in the clearing operations.

Here's the Complete Statement of Dwayne Segador:

Howie Severino Bago ka magpost eh sana kinausap mo yung mga in charge sa task force bangon marawi for the whole rehab details.

By the way eh ano pa bang gusto mong malaman why the fighting broke out? TERRORIST nga sila diba so wala ng ibang reason un kung hindi mag hasik ng takot sa mga tao upang umayon ang gobyerno sa gusto nilang separate state.

Then sinisita mo bomb clearance eh kahit saang warzone hindi pa din nila naayos yan. Even sa vietnam at korea eh may mga nasasabugan pa din ng mga landmines kahit matagal ng natigil ang digmaan dahil hindi basta basta mahahnap ang mga bomba.

Lastly binabanatan mo na baka tawaging china town yang Marawi? Kung nag aral ka ng history eh ang mindanao lang ang hindi nasakop ng buo ng mga dayuhan dahil sa angking tapang ng mga kapatid nating muslim. Stop making up stories. Journalist ka pa namang naturingan pero puros pa tsismis ng banat mo.

Jefry Tupas on his part also burned down Howie Severino by saying that :

Perhaps a perfect representation of the current state of the once proud Islamic City, the flag needed more than untangling. But the performance was unnecessary, no matter how one might have choreographed everything so well to come up with this Instagram-ready photo that eventually has served its purpose — like a bible on a pulpit or a sad song at a funeral.

That there is no rehab plan is a fiction.

Stop making us cry.


How about you ask the Mautes for a detailed explanation. Be brave.

Source: Facebook

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