Mar Roxas Statement on NAIA's "Laglag Bala" Issue Surfaces Anew

Liberal Party standard-bearer Mar Roxas is currently the hottest topics on social media after a latest controversy involving the "Laglag Bala" incident in NAIA which victimized some senior citizens. In a recent report by various news media company two senior citizens were offloaded from Korean Air bound for Los Angeles after live ammunition was found inside their hand carried bag.

Watch Mar Roxas Statement on Laglag Bala:

The issue of the "Laglag Bala," blown out of proportion when a video of Mar Roxas commenting on the said issue re-surfaced despite the fact that his statement was released last November 2015.

Netizens took to Facebook and other social networking sites as they posted harsh comments against Mar Roxas on his take in the controversial issue. The former DILG Secretary defended the Aquino administration during the 2015 interview as he noted that passengers should take responsibility when they get caught with bullets on their luggage.

The latest victims of the controversial "Laglag Bala" issue inside NAIA were senior citizens Esteban and Salvacion Cortabista - ages 78 and 74 respectively who were caught with bull3ts of a .38 caliber p!stol.

In an earlier interview with Mar Roxas during the first few cases of "Laglag Bala" he was quoted as saying "Kung nagpasok ka ng contraband sa airport, paano naging problema ng gobyerno ’yun?” (If you enter the airport with contraband, then how does that become the government’s problem?)” Mar Roxas stated.

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