Spox Harry Roque Burns Pinky Webb For an Alleged One-Sided Interview with CNN

Presidential spokesperson and former Rep. Harry Roque burned down veteran CNN host Pinky Webb during an alleged one-sided interview in the popular TV Show, The Source. Pinky Webb and Spox Harry Roque discussed some intriguing issues which according to some netizens showing how Webb tried to allegedly trick the laywer but failed miserably.

Some of the most intriguing issues discussed during the interview includes the impeachment and quo warranto case of CJ Sereno; the co-ownership issue of the West Philippine Sea and the explorations of natural resources; the financial aid from the European Union (EU) with no strings attached; and the controversial Boracay issue.

Watch the Video Interview with Spox Harry Roque:

During the interview with The Source, Spox Harry Roque burned down Pinky Webb when she asked Roque that the JBC was the one of who filter those that could be members of the Judiciary "Pinasa nila si Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, why is that, it gonna be the fault of Chief Justice?" Webb asked.

Spox Harry Roque responded clearly by explaining that the JBC itself made the requirements, the problem is, the legal issue now is whether or not non-compliance with the requirements of a constitutional body will render the appointment null and void to begin with.

The Presidential spokesman reiterated that "Remember impeachement can be a remedy if the appointment is valid in the first place, but now that we find out that it was invalid because of non-compliance with mandatory requirements, that's the issue to be submitted to the court," Roque stated.

When asked about the possible sending of wrong signal to the House of Representatives or the Senate with regards to the the issue of impeachment against CJ Sereno, Spox Roque brilliantly replied by saying that "I think it sends the right signal to the public that when you aspired for a public office don't take any shortcuts comply with the requirements, because if not you can be deprived of the appointments itself." Roque added.

Netizens also reacted with the said interview by Pinky Webb to Spox Roque and some of them could not control their emotions in the statement released by Sen. Trillanes who was also featured in the said interview with Spox Roque.

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Mack Macalangan: Very eloquent and judicious explanation by a speak person of Malacanang. You really deserve the position harry Roque

Mark Ines: Mahirap lituhin ng reporter ang LAWYER! Try as they may, same scenario... sila ang papaikutin! At sa huli sila ang mag mukhang idiot! As pinky webb said: " i really am talking to a professor here"! Hahaha bugok... kaya and Mahal na Pangulo, hindi nila maisahan!! Why??? Dahil isang Magaling na Lawyer, Prosecuter pa na nag mamahal Sa Bansa at Pilipino.... LOL, kawawang mga dilawan..... Mabuhay ang Pilipinas.... Mabuhay ang Pangulong Duterte!!

Sparky: Rep. Umali has his analysis about ¨quo warranto.¨ and impeachment. Impeachment is for removal of a valid impeachable official. Quo warranto is for removal of an invalid official.

Susan Caraig: kudos to harry roque,magaling na spoke person ni Tatay Digs,so intelligent, better than Previous spoke person mr. Abela

Armando How: Walanghiya talaga itong si Trillanes pang COMEDY talaga.  Hahaha!!!  Akala mo siya na ang chief justice.  Chief justice cguro sa pangloloko dahil loko-loko naman siyang Senador. LMAO!!!! Mamamatay ako sa TAWA dito sa gunggong na Senador na ITO. Stooge talaga itong si Trillanes.

Source: YouTube

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