Netizen Exposed How ABS-CBN Twisted Their Report About Marawi Evacuees

A concerned netizen and considered as one of the most vocal supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, Ahmed Paglinawan exposed how ABS-CBN twisted their news article about the Marawi evacuees.

According to Ahmed Paglinawan there is no harsh weather in Marawi which is contrary to the news article of ABS-CBN that says "Some families have been living at a multipurpose building in this town, with only polyester tents helping them live through harsh weather."

The sentence that caught the attentions of Paglinawan is about the supposed "harsh weather" in Marawi City as the concerned netizen lambasts ABS-CBN and told them that he had been to the area and there's no harsh weather.

Although the article focused on the concerned of Marawi evacuees to prioritized them first and not the bandits or the surrendered members of the terrorists groups, the alleged intentions of ABS-CBN is to twists the news which could be accepted as facts by majority of Filipinos.

Here's the Complete Expose of Ahmed Paglinawan:

ABS-CBN, I've just been to that area of the world. There is no fucking harsh weather there. Last week, there was supposed to be a typhoon there. But I slept outside in a hammock.

Stop fucking lying please.

And did you ever think for a while that if we didn't take care of the guns and rebels first, there will be no fucking evacuees going back to their land now?

Your narrative reeks of stupidity. Really.

Netizens also reacted with the biased reporting of ABS-CBN as they called on the attentions of the TV stations to be fair and report only with impartiality and not to side with some people who continued their critcisms against Pres. Rody Duterte.

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

David Cueue: Trying their best to put down a man committed to make the Philippines a better place to live in.

Glo Sed Cruz: Sad na sila pa ang nag papagulo kalagayan ng mga taga marawi. Twisted sa totoong situation nila doon.

Roe Limbo: Ang may pinakamalaking nakinabang sa EDSA ng mga Aquino. Masahol pa sa gahasa ang ginawa nila sa mga Filipino.

Jamalia Atar: Sarip Putang in* abs cbn kayo ang nangunguna na kasinungalingan kaya nd napaoayagan ang taga marawi makabalik sakanilang mga bahay dahil kayo gumagawa ng hnd totoo na kuwento.

Cruz Fheng: Mga idiots and mother of all lies talaga ang mga f...shit na abs cbn na toh...!!! nde pa ba kayo busog sa dami ng ibinayad sa inyo ng mga oligarch gang ngayun paalipin pa rin kayo???... mga ganid sa pera... mga sinungaling! Kapatid ng magnanakaw at mga demonyo sa lupa... 

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