Must Watch: Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop Burns Maria Ressa for Trying to Discredit Pres. Duterte (Video)

A viral video of the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop resurfaced anew in the past few days showing how she burned down Rappler's Maria Ressa who tried to discredit Pres. Duterte and attempt to make our President look bad in the international community.

The Australian Foreign Minister visited the Philippines last March 2017 and she was interviewed by no less than Rappler's CEO and former CNN News presenter Maria Ressa.

Watch How Foreign Minister Bishop Burns Maria Ressa:

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has been Australia's Minister for Foreign Affairs since the year 2013, and had previously served in the Howard Government as the Minister for Ageing from 2003 to 2006, and Minister for Education, Science and Training from 2006 to 2007.

During the exclusive Rappler Interview Foreign Minister Julie Bishop delves into the complex issues surrounding the Asia Pacific Region, the West Philippine Sea, the Trump Presidency, concerns regarding human rights in the Philippines and the successful campaign of Pres. Duterte against illegal drugs.

Netizens reacted on the way Maria Ressa conducted the interview with Foreign Minister Bishop because the questions were really catchy and biased but luckily, Bishop was really smart in answering Ressa's statement and burning down the Rappler CEO in most of her questions against Pres. Duterte.

According to some netizens, Maria Ressa tried to justify her groundless supposition, as she tried to persuade and attempt to make Pres. Duterte look bad to the Foreign Minister but Bishop did her research well and really knew the issue thrown against the Philippine President.

Here's Some of the Comments Posted on Social Media Due to Ressa's Interview:

Exequiel Caringal: this interview has not been aired to main stream media, you see the question and answer the answer is more educated than the questions by the interviewer. 

Love Saludes Ressa: is trying to instill to the mind of the austrilian foreign minister that the govt of Pres. DUTERTE is not good but ressa's facial and body expression shows that she can't fool her with her (ressa) own opinion that's why she automatically jumps to other questions. How can ressa fool her, when Ms. Bishop herself told ressa that they have people in the Philippines working with the government who knows already what is really happening. Truth will come out and no amount of money can make us believed you ressa, for the number one source of fake news.

Emelyn G. Togonon: Grabe efforts ni Ressa to solicit negative remarks for the Philippines and ASEAN but to no avail. Sensya na. Sorry na lang!

Mina Reyes: ARAY...ang bait ng tonong magtanong pero halata pa ring may madilim na motibo. For ur information Julie Bishop is a tough, intelligent politician of Australia...matino iyan at di sya padadala sa mga tanong mong may bahid NG kadiliman.

Alexandrix Gutierrez Carandang: Lahat ng questions ni Ressa, puro leading questions.. pero she is recieving exact opposite of what she is expecting.. in short, pahiya.. salute to you Hon. Julie Bishop..

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