DDS Austria Leader Silence Sen. Trillanes Who Spread Fake News in Europe (Video)

A brilliant and courageous leader of DDS Austria identified as Ben Repol lambasted Sen. Trillanes and silenced the visiting senator who was allegedly spreading false information while visiting Europe. The DDS leader was able to silence Trillanes in front of some Filipino leaders and some international attendees of an event in Europe.

The video which was shared on Facebook by Ordinary Filipino FB Page showed how Ben Repol confronted Sen. Trillanes during an event, wherein he corrected the information shared by Trillanes.

Watch How a DDS Austria Leader Burns Trillanes:

Ben Repol claimed that Sen. Trillanes spreads fake information because of his statement that the popularity of the President is going down but based on the survey there are already 85% Filipinos supporting the President and the reason why, because Filipinos felt safer right now under Duterte compared to the previous administration.

The DDS Austria also noted that Sen. Trillanes is not giving the right figure but he is falsely leading them to believe what Trillanes has is right, the Philippine government is also protecting the lives of innocent people.

Drug dealers and drug lords are not harmless because they have guns, they are ready to kill our law enforcers. The DDS leader confronted Trillanes by saying that the senator is painting the country in a bad scenario although the majority of Filipinos supporting the President.

Here's Some of the Reactions from Netizens:

Jondie Mark C. Autentico: Dear International Communities,

Our country is being destabilized. Our president is being painted a demon.


The drug lords don't want our country to be free from them. The rotten politicians want Duterte out. They want to rule again.

Where are their destabilization funds coming from?

Drug trade money. Maybe even the missing Yolanda/Haiyan funds. Our taxes. The millionaires and billionaires whose businesses are affected and left their principles out the door.

And we, the Filipino people, have nothing but ourselves. We do not have the money to pay for sponsored ads and news agencies. We do not have connections in key mainstream media to be our voice. We do not have the support of old formidable institutions.

But we have ourselves. We have each other. We have our honor and our dignity and our determination to fight for our country. We have our President, and we call him our father, our friend and our leader. And we will protect him as he protects us from the elements that have made us slave and beggars in our own country.

This is why we raise our fists. This is why we get passionate. This is why we march. This is why we fight.

To save our country.
To save our children.
To save our future.
To save ourselves.

We have elected President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. Our democracy is alive and well.

A revolution has started.

Let us continue. Respect us. And honor our own path as a nation.

The Filipino People

Mj Saclayan Hipolito: Grabe tayo balahibo qoh ky kuya ben tangal jacket tlga ang alam qo suntukin nya na si trililing hahhaha tameme ka ano wala ka binuga kc alam ng buong mundo gaano ka kaepal kapal ng pag mmukha mo qong san kna nappunta pra lang sirain ang aming mahal na pangulo hayop ka asong ulol.... daming pilipino ang galit sau... nakkahiya ka 

Evelyn Caguioa: asong ulol kahit saan ka magpunta Duterte pa rin ang number 1 para sa mga pilipino,hinde ka na ba nahihiya sa mga anak mo at kapamilya mo,tahol ka ng tahol wla naman nangyayarisa pinaglalaban mo mahiya ka naman hoy,kung ako sa iyo sa impyerno ako pupunta marami ka pang kakampi, imagine New York,Ausria puro kahihiyan ang inabot mo,tubig pa more ha ha ha ha ha

Julius Leyes Misa: You can't put a good man down. God sent many ANGELS to protect the many not by few. Selfishness will not prosper & God will not allow it to be happen coz many people are praying for a safe to live & better Philippines. 
Hahaha. Hindi nakaisa na butata ng taong maypagmamahal sa Bansa at sa kapwa. Well done Sir. God Speed & God Bless Philippines.

Winston Prades: Kung saan saan kc nagpunpunta pra magkalat buti nga sayo tameme ka ngaun.....ang lakas mong manira sa president ntin salamantalang Ang laki ng pinagbago ng pilipinas simula nong sya Ang umupo.

Source: Facebook

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