Netizens Reacts on Rappler's Statement of Silencing Them After SEC Decision

Netizens took to social media and lambasts Rappler for playing the victim card after the Securities and Exchange Commission revoke the registration of Rappler for violating some provisions in the 1987 Constitution.

According to some netizens, Rappler is now in a massive mainstream media effort to allegedly play the victim card by using the freedom of the press provision in the law of the land. Rappler stated on various TV guestings that they are now being suppressed by the government to operate.

A concerned netizen and prominent DDS blogger Mark Lopez answered Rappler's allegation that the government is behind the decision by the SEC. According to Lopez he could not get over with the issue about the SEC ruling as an "attempt to SILENCE THE PRESS!" but the fact is Rappler keeps on conducting press conference, and how come they were silence.

Lopez also suspects that the next move of Rappler is guestings on various news program and releasing slanted news that the mainstream media will pick up, particularly the international press.

Here's Some of the Comments Posted Against Rappler on Social Media:

Mark Lopez: Di talaga ako maka get over dito... Yung SEC ruling daw is an “attempt to SILENCE THE PRESS!” habang sila ay kontodo postura na nagpatawag ng PRESS CON! 

Tapos ngayon may hashtag campaign pa? And susunod, may mga guestings pa sa mga news programs and mga slanted na news na lalabas sa mainstream, especially sa international press.. Anung silence dun?!!!

Mayor Sara Duterte: The yellowtards, Maria Ressa and the officers of Rappler are idiots for blaming the administration for curtailing press freedom. 

The chairperson of SEC, Ma. Teresita Herbosa, is an appointee of PNoy, therefore it was the appointee of the past administration who curtailed press freedom and not President Duterte’s admin.

Rosario Gloria: Ako din Di maka get over sa mga hunghang Na Ito,,shame on you Rappler!!

Karen Jane: Playing victim as usual! What’s new..... ahahaha

Leo Gaetos: The usual "pabebe" effect nila na hindi umuubra... bobo at tanga na lang talaga ang nagsasabi na suppression ito ng freedom of speech and expression and of the press... #RIPRappler

Rucel Joe: si Lucio Tan at MightyCorp pinatawan ng bilyong danyos Hindi nga sila nagreklamo ng harassment. Mahaba haba naman ang Q.AVE pwde naman mag sideline si Ressa sa gabi.

Noyen Cortez Gomez: Nag guest na nga kanina sa The Source live sa CNN Phils. si Maria Ressa.... explaining her own point of view on why Rappler's PDRs are legal.

Source: Facebook 

Netizens Reacts on Rappler's Statement of Silencing Them After SEC Decision Netizens Reacts on Rappler's Statement of Silencing Them After SEC Decision Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 16, 2018 Rating: 5
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