Atty. Rivera's Random Conversation with Pres. Duterte Supporters Fortified His Support for the President

Atty. Bruce Villafuerte Rivera, one of the most popular social media personality and an avid supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte shared his random conversation with fellow Duterte supporters during his travel outside of Metro Manila.

During the visit of Atty. Rivera to the City of Davao, the hometown of Pres. Rody Duterte he was able to randomly converse with different people from all walks of life and discovered some of the unknown facts about the President while he was still working as chief executive of the city.

To the surprise of Atty. Rivera most people in Davao City recognized him as the lawyer who is an avid defender of the Mayor of Davao City.

Atty. Rivera revealed that while he was walking back to his hotel, a grandma at her 50's struck conversation with him in the street and right after the conversation, Rivera made a promise, a pact with Duterte supporter thathe will support the President even more after hearing the woman's story.

Here's the Complete Story of Atty. Rivera:


I never visited any city more often than Davao because I have cases here, my father side of the family comes from this side of the country, several of my closest friends come from Davao and the President I chose to support with all my heart is this city's greatest export. 

I come from Cebu City so when Cebuanos give me some form of adulation, I take it like a grain of salt. We love to love our own. And some of the best praises to honor me (first of all, I really do not know why the effort) came from Cebu.

But everytime I visit Davao, the people I meet always amaze me. 

I had lunch with my law firm partner in Sunburst, who I discovered had a branch in Abreeza Mall, hence, Seda forever. She was meeting her wedding coordinator to plan the wedding of the century. Given my stance on weddings, how suicidal I perceive people who marry (hahaha, I am sorry), it was something I could not care less. Until the wedding coordinator came and my order of seven chicken wings arrived, I was eating it as if I was on a world on my own. 

Then suddenly, the wedding coordinator started to tell me that she is a follower, she admires how brave I am at expressing my support for Mayor (Davaoenos still call PRRD that) and that she is awed that I am sitting beside her and eating chicken using my hands. Let us be honest, I get that statement a lot and it never gets old for me. I am truly flattered by any form of adulation. But this one takes the cake. When I asked her that we can have a picture together if she liked, she got her cam and began to shed tears of joy. It was such a touching moment to realize that someone will actually cry to meet me in person. I do not know if I will ever get that reaction again but for now, I am happy that I can affect people that way. 

After the lunch (and dinner, because that was my last meal for the day), I proceeded to walk back to the hotel. I was talking to a client over the phone when this lady who is perhaps in her late 50's looked at me and said, "hey, I know you?!l. Yes, thanks for noticing. And she said, "I will have a selfie with you". And we did. After that, she told a story that really made my day.

She said, that 30 years ago, she was working in a Mercury Drug in Davao during the first term of Duterte. At that time, she worked night shift and always had problem going home because crime was so prevalent then. One night, she saw Duterte sitting in a tinted taxi and parked near the drug store. She recognized him and began talking to her, the security guard on duty and the pharmacist. Duterte found out how difficult it was to work at night and it was more difficult to find something to eat because nothing was open because people were afraid. Two days later, Duterte visited again and brought bread for them. I left and went to my hotel with such a good feeling.

You see, these encounters feed your soul. It makes you better. The wedding coordinator who cried told me that I can affect people. And the grandmother who told her story fortified my resolve to support this President. We have something special going on in this country and you just have to go to Davao to see it.

Bruce Villafuerte Rivera Bruskoday Minerva Fuschia Rivera

Source: Atty. Bruce Rivera

Atty. Rivera's Random Conversation with Pres. Duterte Supporters Fortified His Support for the President Atty. Rivera's Random Conversation with Pres. Duterte Supporters Fortified His Support for the President Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 2/13/2017 Rating: 5

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