Netizens Lambasts VP Leni Robredo's Visit to Apayao Instead of Surigao (Photos)

The Vice President of the Republic of the Philippines, Vice Pres. Leni Robredo is under attack anew by some netizens who lambasted her on social media for prioritizing her visit to the Province of Apayao instead of visiting first the earthquake victims in Surigao City and nearby towns.

According to some netizens who posted some photo evidence of VP Leni Robredo's visit in Apayao, the Vice President visited San Francisco National High School in Luna, Apayao.

Some netizens also revealed that VP Leni's visit in the Province of Apayao was supposed to be in Kabugao which is celebrating it's Say-Am Festival but allegedly the staff of VP Robredo went to nearby town of Luna, Apayao.

Facebook user Naida Raugh revealed an important information about the scheduled visit of VP Leni Robredo in Apayao, to be one of the guest of Kalinga Foundation Day.

The OVP went to Luna, Apayao because most of the time the celebration was held at Luna but this year, the celebration was hosted by Kabugao which is almost a day's drive away from Luna, Apayao. Upon the arrival of VP Leni Robredo in Luna, only few people greeted them because most of the people as well as public officials were celebrating the festival in Kabugao.

Here's the Complete Statement of Naida Raugh:


ANG TANONG: Bakit NAKIKI-FIESTA si LEKNEE habang NAGHIHIRAP mga kababayan natin sa SURIGAO?? 

So, guest pala si LeKnee sa KALINGA Foundation Day. Siguradong may nagsabi sa kanya, "Foundation Day din ng APAYAO. Let's go! " So, LUNA they went! Majority of the time, LUNA ang venue ng celebration except this year - it is being held in KABUGAO which is almost a day's drive away! How in the world that the 2nd highest elected official in the country coming to visit APAYAO and lahat nang elected officials nang province ay nasa Kabugao at bukod tangi si LEKNEE lang ang nasa LUNA??? 

GHOST TOWN ang LUNA today!!! Halos WALA daw nag attend sa kanya!!! So, PALPAK! If she was invited, dumeretso sana sa KABUGAO especially, today was the judging of the booths! Ginawa sana siyang special guest!! Let's see if she jets down Kabugao and crash sa DAYAG competition tonight. OH, DALA -DALA pala ng OVP mga banners na ginamit sa LUNA!! He he he!!

VP Leni Robredo's visit to Apayao drew some negative reactions from netizens who cared about the victims of the Surigao City quake victims, as they noted that the VP should decide clearly on what's her priority.

A Facebook user even noted that maybe the OVP will release a statement later that the Apayao visit were planned already and cannot be cancelled and the Surigao Earthquake came at the wrong timing.

Here's Some of the Photos of VP Leni Robredo Visiting Apayao: 

Source: Facebook

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