Avid Supporter of Pres. Duterte Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy Appointed as DSWD Asst. Secretary

One of the avid supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media, Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy is reportedly being appointed as Assistant Secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

Popular social media personality Thinking Pinoy and Malou Tiquia a former columnist confirmed the appointment of Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy as Asst. Sec. of DSWD. They also shared the recent post of Badoy announcing her appointment as one of DSWD's Assistant Secretary.

Asec. Lorraine Badoy posted a long message on her official Facebook Page, thankful to the trust given to her by the Duterte administration and the leadership of DSWD Sec. Judy Taguiwalo.

According to Badoy for for the past few years she saw poverty and did her own small way to help the poor but he could afford only a bag of paracetamol and some handholding but with her appointment at the DSWD she promised to used the government's resources at her disposal as Assistant Secretary of DSWD.

Here's the Complete Post of Dr. Lorraine Maried T. Badoy:

For years I saw poverty for which I had no words for. And I saw it all over our country. From the slums not even a kilometer away from where I lived to the far reaches of Samar, all the way to Mindanao. The spectre of poverty hovers over our entire country. 

In my own small way, I tried as best I could, to do what I could for them—often with just my friends, my husband and my kids supporting me. And for all those years that I did what I could, I never harbored any illusion that I had made anyone’s life better. 

All they got from me was that banig of paracetamol and some handholding. And it made me so mad and so frustrated at how much I wanted done yet got nothing of worth done.

It’s what made me barf when I was praised. “Oohhh bait bait mo naman, blah blah blah..” 

Because I knew the truth: I hadn't done anything to snatch them out of the jaws of severe poverty--not even by an inch. 

Today though, I start a new chapter in my life as public servant at the DSWD and where I have a clear shot at changing some of those lives for better and with resources I've never had at my disposal all those years I did my thing. 

And I get to do all these under the leadership of such an inspiring President--someone who has mirrored my rage and grief at the great yawning gap between those of us who have so much and those who have, literally, nothing. 

Someone who mirrors, too, my aching desire for them to lead empowered lives and has thus, done unprecedented things for them. Someone who, without let up, keeps opening doors of opportunity for upward mobility for them.

And my boss, a woman whose life is an impeccable testament to love for the least. Who, like the President she serves under, has clarified and made us all remember once again what public service is. How it looks and sounds like. 

A privilege. A duty. A sacred trust.

So if you don't mind, I'd like to ask that you say a prayer for me, to send me good jujus/vibes so I can fulfil the clear mandate of service to the people--to you guys.

So help me Goddess.
Yakap na mahigpit! <3

PS. And please just call me what you’ve always called me. Lorraine. That’s my name. ASec sounds like Ass Sex. Hey wait a minute…

Source: Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

Avid Supporter of Pres. Duterte Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy Appointed as DSWD Asst. Secretary Avid Supporter of Pres. Duterte Dr. Lorraine Marie T. Badoy Appointed as DSWD Asst. Secretary Reviewed by Phil Newsome on 2/13/2017 Rating: 5

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