Netizens Reacts Upon Learning that PBBM Wrote His Own Inaugural Speech

Veteran blogger and self-confessed supporter of President Bongbong Marcos revealed in one of his post that the President himself wrote his own inaugural speech and shared it on social media. 

Netizens reacted with the said good news as they also shared their sentiments regarding the controversy surrounding the viral inaugural speech of the President which the oppositions and critics claimed that PBBM was using a teleprompter to deliver his speech eloquently. 

According to Mark Lopez a day after the inaugural speech of President Bongbong Marcos, he learned that it was PBBM himself who wrote his inaugural speech and it is indeed an amazing one. 

Due to the revelations made by Mark Lopez the critics of the President was now sidelined and silenced as the supporters of the 17th President of the Republic made some noise on social media. 

As reported earlier, a critic of the President, Raissa Robles alleged that the President was just using a teleprompter to deliver to his speech eloquently and without the teleprompter it could not be successful. 

The claimed made by Robles was already debunked by Marcos vlogger and supporter Coach Jarret who gave some insights on how a teleprompter worked. 

Here's Some of the Comments Posted Online:

Lanly Marmita: I am so glad that the vlogers i admire and follow, who stood with us in defense of PRRD, are now again standing with us for PBBM. A sweet continuation indeed.

Vilma Mercado: It was organically came from his heart, eloquently superb, sincerest to the point that millions of his followers were all teary eyed MABUHAY PHILIPPINES

Edel Baldueza: Easy for him to express his thought... because he knows what he is talking about.

V.C. Spen: Very impressive! His so brilliant like his dad , 31M should very proud no regrets.

Aida Padua: I had expected that he would write it with the way he speaks about his plans ..... words spoken from the heart.... one of the best if not the best inaugural speeches I have heard !!

Mangga Felix: Of course.. Thirty and more long years in the making - Idealism for the Motherland, for the Filipino - nurtured in the heart, polished through the years.. And now that the waiting is over, it is time to do and in his very words: "Do better!" -- Not just eloquent words.. God bless the Philippines!

Earsd Sodelva: wow...a very simple but meaningful inauguration of our 17th president bbm...great job...his intelligence in speaking without kodigo is a proof that he is the best leader that we have ever had..

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

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