Seaman's Wife Complains on P75K Allotment "Hirap Pagkasyahin sa mga Gastusin"

Due to the rising prices of fuels and other necessary commodities a certain Seaman's wife took to social media as she complains about her P75,000 monthly allotment coming from the OFW husband. 

The post of the seaman's wife went viral on social media after she posted an inquiry online asking her fellow seaman's wife on how much monthly allotment they received from their husband and how they try to make a budget out of the allotment given to their wife here in the Philippines. 

The viral post was first posted in the popular Facebook Page, Seaman Bars, wherein the seaman's wife complains about her P75K monthly allotment although her husband already worked as a third officer in the ship he was assigned to. 

The seaman's wife explained that the P75,000 is not enough for their daily needs with their two children. They had some bills like the monthly rent for their house, car loan amortization and other utility bills. Everything will be deducted from the P75K allotment given to her husband.

According to the wife her husband's P75K allotment was just enough to pay the car's amortization worth P20,000, house rent at P12,000 and some other extra expenses of their family. 

Read the Complete Statement of the Seaman's Wife:

Seaman at 3rd officer ung husband ko. And ang allotment ko nakukuha is P75,000. Bale dyan ko na lahat kukunin bayad sa sasakyan 20,000, Bayad sa bahay 12,000 bayad sa mga extra expenses ng mga anak bills. 

Lahat po ng gastusin dyan n lahat. Bubudgetin ko na lang. meron ako 2, 1 senior high and 1 elem. Ako po ay housewife walang kasambahay. Hatid sundo mga bata sa school kaya kunsumo ko sa gas is 1k kada week. 

Tanong ko lang ganito din ba nakukuha ng ibang wife, na 3rd officer ang husband. Kc hirap kc ako budgetin yang pera kc dyan ko lahat kinukuha lahat ng gastusin.

Hnd ko naman pinagyayabang yang allotment ko pero gusto ko lang naman malaman kung malaki ba para samin yang allotment o may mas malaki pa binibigay ung iba sa wife nila. 

Thanks admin hnd ko na masyado pinahaba to..

Source: Seaman Bars FB Page

Seaman's Wife Complains on P75K Allotment "Hirap Pagkasyahin sa mga Gastusin" Seaman's Wife Complains on P75K Allotment "Hirap Pagkasyahin sa mga Gastusin" Reviewed by Phil Newsome on June 26, 2022 Rating: 5
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