Blogger Slams Pinklawan Supporter for Criticizing "Salamat PRRD" Tarps

Veteran blogger and prominent supporter of Pres. Rody Duterte on social media slammed a self-confessed Pinklawan supporter for her statement on social media criticizing the viral "Salamat PRRD" tarps on various roads in different parts of the country. 

The Pinklawan or Dilawan supporter was identified as Dr. Raquel Fortun, the first Filipina forensic pathologist in the Philippines. She is a professor at the College of Medicine of the University of the Philippines-Manila. 

Dr. Fortun made some headlines on social media particularly on Twitter after her controversial statement regarding the viral "Salamat PRRD" tarpaulins that littered along major roads in Metro Manila. 

The veteran doctor tweeted the following message "Cringe fest. Roads littered with "Salamat PRRD""

A fellow Dilawan supporter then added a statement involving public funds as he noted "Waste of public funds in the midst of poverty & hunger."

Aside from a fellow Dilawan supporter, a supporter of PRRD responded to Doctor Fortun as she tweeted the following "Lol kung mukha ni lutang nasa mga tarps na yun, masasabi mo parin kaya yan? Ofcoursse hindi. Mga inggit lang kasi kayo."

Due to the statement made by Dr. Fortun on Twitter, a well-known DDS blogger and supporter of Pres. Duterte and Bongbong Marcos, Krizette Laureta Chu responded as she called Raquel Fortun as "Inggitera."

Read the Complete Statement of Krizette Laureta Chu:

Inggitera. Buti nalang puro dedz ang nahahawakan nito.

PS: I’m soooooo happy that the impression is that the roads are “littered with Salamat PRRD.” I didn’t think it was. KULANG pa nga e. Mag print kayo ng sariling tarp ha.

But here you go: It’s finally reached them. It’s finally bothered them. “SALAMAT PRRD” is antagonizing them and annoying them.

Our work here is done.

All we need to do is make sure they get even more triggered on the 26th.

Netizens also joined the conversations as they shared their experience with the show of support and gratitude towards the outgoing President which only happened during the time of Duterte. 

Here's Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Iris Urmataam: It was full of Salamat PRRD along MOA! I was telling my kids na 1st time may pa tarpaulin (ng pasasalamat) sa outgoing president.

Jasmine Stacey: ngaun lang ako nkaranas ng president na my malasakit at pagmamahal sa bansa kitang kita naman ang nagawa niya,sadyang mga tanga lang kayo mas gusto nila yung mga trapo, tatay digong salamat sa malasakit samen lahat,mahal n mahal ko tong president na to

Ai Ze: Yung iba president pag out-going na puro rally ,itong president lang na ito Yung aalis sa malacaƱang with so much love from the public. Salamat tatay digong

Ma. Victoria Ramirez: Yesss.. Hitting two birds in one stone yeaaah.. Thanking PRRD for the 6 years of service and most of all triggering the enemy at the same time..

Ma. Kathryn Costes: Waste of public funds? The people donated it for the purpose…

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu FB Page

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