Lawyer Hopes Clarita Carlos Appointment as NSA Will End Leftist Campus Recruitment

Veteran lawyer and prominent city prosecutor, Fiscal Darwin Cañete hoped that the appointment of veteran UP professor Dr. Clarita Carlos as the country's National Security Adviser under the Marcos administration will usher the end of leftist campus recruitment in State Universities and Colleges. 

Atty. Darwin welcomed the appointment of Dr. Carlos as NSA Adviser because the President Bongbong Marcos Administration could use Dr. Carlos' insight into leftist campus recruitment. 

The veteran lawyer stated that the Marcos administration is spurred to aggressively weed out the influence of the leftist groups of our state universities and colleges and surely continue the programs implemented by the Duterte administration against those leftist movement.

One of the solution according to the lawyer on his Facebook post is to let go of faculty members who are known sympathizer of the left as soon as possible. 

Read the Complete Statement of Atty. Darwin:

Dr. Clarita Carlos ' insight into leftist campus recruitment would hopefully spur our government to aggressively weed their influence out of our state universities and schools. We should not cede one inch of our country to become de facto safe spaces for terrorist groups. Academic freedom is not an unfettered license to tolerate insidious indoctrination. Sympathizer faculty should be booted out PRONTO!!

Netizens also welcomed the development of the Marcos administration's choice of bringing Prof. Clarita Carlos into the cabinet of BBM. 

Read Some of the Comments Posted on Social Media:

Ernie Jacinto Jr.: It's easy for students to be recruited when professors encourage it.

Jaime Alvarado: Exactly fireout professor, teachers and faculty who are enabler and party to bringing down government.

Seth Ocampo: Not just in UP but in some state universities too like PUP. Nakakabanas yung mga aktibista sa mga unis na yan. 

Elmer Beatingo: Sasabihin na naman nila red tagging. Red tag your mouth

Charles Rico: I've heard this before. I'll believe it when indoctrinators and propagandists in our universities have been fired from their jobs and stripped of their teaching licenses.

Aniceta Tan: Exactly, national security is not limited to just theterritorial issues.

Source: Atty. Darwin FB Post

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