Atty. Darwin Cañete Warns Former ABS-CBN Reporter "Paliwanag mo sa Judge"

Veteran lawyer and prominent City Prosecutor, Atty. Darwin Cañete gives a stern warning to former ABS-CBN reporter Charie Villa for her controvesial post about fake news peddlers which included the lawyer's name.

Photo Credit: Pusang Gala FB

Former ABS-CBN reporter Charie Villa made some headlines on social media after her controversial post on her Facebook account revealing some of the names of fake news peddlers in the country. 

Although the former reporter changed the caption of the image she posted on her wall, some netizen already made some screen captured images of her original statement. 

The name of Atty. Darwin Cañete was included in the list which also contains the name of the late veteran journalist Jojo Robles. 

Atty. Darwin who now worked as a government prosecutor denied all the allegations thrown against him particularly being an alleged fake news peddler and he is hell-bent in teaching some lessons her accuser could never forget. 

According to the veteran lawyer, anyone should think hard before calling anybody as fake news peddlers without presenting solid proofs. 

Read the Complete Statement of Atty. Darwin Cañete:

I can easily prove that i do not peddle fake news. I have a full time job and my socmed is a personal account. I do not make money off of it. My timeline has been consistent since 2006. I post the same things before the Dilawans have decided to label people who do not conform to their narratives as " trolls." 

Show me a transaction where BBM or PRRD  paid me to post for them. We can debate about what is "fake news." But "fake news peddler?" Binabayaran ako para mag post ng fake news as per your post? Paliwanag mo sa judge. Clear your schedule. This will take up your time po.

Atty. Darwin Cañete made some intitial moves as he consulted veteran lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio for a case to be filed against Charie Villa.

In his tweet, Cañete seeking help from Atty. Ferdinand Topacio on the possibility of filing a case, in which Atty. Topacio replied by saying:  “@canete_darwin Boss, good afternoon. Just finished my research on the feasibility of filing libel and cyberlibel charge against Charie Villa re: her FB posts. It’s a go. Let’s sit down soon next week. Yeah ba!!”

Atty. Darwin replied saying: “Thanks for taking my call. See you sir!” 

Source: Darwin Cañete FB Page

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