MJ Reyes Debunks VP Leni's Claims "In Difficult Times, Hindi Siya Nagpakita" Statement

Veteran blogger and prominent social media defender of Pres. Rody Duterte, MJ Quiambao Reyes debunked the claims made by presidential bet VP Leni Robredo during an exclusive interview with Boy Abunda. 

During the said interview, Boy Abunda asked VP Leni the reasons why the public should not vote for Sen. Bongbong Marcos as President of the Republic. VP Leni responded by saying "In difficult times, hindi siya nagpakita."

The claims made by Robredo is not entirely true according to the research made by social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes, if judging by the viral collage for Bongbong Marcos which she said speaks a thousand words. 

MJ Reyes clarified that she may not be a Marcos loyalist like her friends, but the viral collage showing the activities of BBM during the hard times and during disasters touched her to the core. 

The veteran blogger and DDS defender confessed on her latest social media post that what made her a President Duterte staunch supporter is his authentic concern and quick response during Yolanda and in many other calamities when he was not yet President. 

Reyes revealed that Pres. Rody Duterte's visit to Yolanda-stricken Tacloban coincided with BBM and in succeeding disasters, perhaps she will support BBM with the same zeal like she supports Duterte. 

Nevertheless, MJ Reyes admitted that she was grateful that the images of BBM came out, showing how he helped disaster affected areas in the past few years debunking the claims made by VP Leni Robredo, that BBM is nowhere to be found during calamities and disasters. 

To be fair with VP Leni, MJ Reyes also acknowledged that the Vice President has her own collage of activities during disasters but not as warm and candid as BBM. She said that you can see genuineness of the smile of the giver and the recipient by just looking at the pictures. 

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While I may not be a Marcos loyalist or a passionate BBM supporter (at least not as passionate as many of my friends who support him), these pictures surely touched me to the core.

Isa talaga sa pinaka nag patibay ng pag hanga at suporta ko sa Pangulong Duterte ay ang tunay na malasakit nya at mabilis na pag responde noon sa Yolanda at sa iba pang mga kalamidad noong panahong hindi pa naman sya ang Pangulo. Malaking bagay 'to sa akin. 

Kung nakasabay din siguro namin noon si BBM sa Yolanda at sa iba pa, malamang naging masidhi rin ang naging suporta ko sa kanya noon. Salamat at may mga lumabas na larawan na nagpapakita kung gaano rin pala sya tumulong noong mga nakaraang taon.

In fairness, may ganitong collage rin naman si Aling Leni, though not as candid and warm as this one (below). Dito kasi kitang kita mo yung higpit ng yakap ng nagbibigay at binibigyan at ang ngiti ng magkabila. No wonder, ganun na lang kamahal si BBM ng mga supporters nya.

Update: MJ Reyes made an update about the controversial photo collage of Sen. Bongbong Marcos allegedly taken during and after disasters and calamities. 

According to Reyes, a concerned netizen advice her to make some research regarding the two photos which was reportedly taken at Tatalon and the other one is a photo of Bongbong Marcos during the Christmas party. 

Reyes asked for understanding on her part because she wasn't able to verify first the veracity of the photo collage featuring BBM. She urged her followers and followers of BBM to be careful the next time upon sharing their views and opinions regarding Marcos. 

Source: MJ Reyes FB Page

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