NAIA Janitor Jhun Telewik Rewarded for Returning $10,000 or P500,000

A good samaritan working as a janitor at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). He was identified as Jhun Telewik and for doing his extraordinary honesty for returning around $10,000 or approximately P500,000.

Despite the hardships and the onslaught of the pandemic, a trustworthy janitor inside the Ninoy Aquino International Airport proved once and for all that honesty is indeed in the bloods of Filipinos. 

According to the janitor Jhun Telewik while doing his rounds inside the NAIA he discovered a lost bag at the NAIA Terminal 2, last November 27, 2021. 

At first, the NAIA janitor did not get the lost bag for he believes at first that the owner was just around the vicinity but during his second round, the bag was still there, so he decided to report it by informing the ground personnel of the Philippine Airlines to announce if somebody lost their belongings but nobody came to claim the lost bag. 

Right after the announcements and nobody came to claim the lost bag, the janitor Jhun Telewik brought the bag to the office of the Airport's Lost and Found section. At the said area the personnel then decided to open the bag and discovered dollar bills. 

What is found inside the lost bag was worth $10,000 or an estimated P500,000 worth of money. It was later discovered that the bag was owned by a Filipino-American who just arrived from the United States and will be travelling to Dipolog City in Mindanao. 

In an interview with the media, Jhun Telewik was asked about his feelings after discovering the bills he was supposed to discover. He revealed that he did not thought anything bad about the belongings inside, all he wanted is to returned the belongings. 

The gestures of being honest showcased by the NAIA janitor was lauded by MIAA General Manager Ed Monreal. 

“Despite the hardship brought by the pandemic, there are still people who remain honest. I salute Mr. Telewik for his great honesty. I am sure there are still more equally dedicated workers in our midst here in NAIA,” ani Monreal

The bag and the money inside the bag was already returned to the rightful owner after the process of verification on the identity of the real owner. As a sign of gratefulness to Telewik, he was rewarded with $100.00 or more than P5,000.00

Source: Facebook 

NAIA Janitor Jhun Telewik Rewarded for Returning $10,000 or P500,000 NAIA Janitor Jhun Telewik Rewarded for Returning $10,000 or P500,000 Reviewed by Phil Newsome on December 05, 2021 Rating: 5
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