Kris Aquino's Medical Certificate Elicits Negative Comments from Netizens

One of the country's most popular celebrity Kris Aquino made some headlines on social media particularly on her controversial medical certificate that elicited negative comments from netizens. 

A prominent anti-Pinklawan blogger Edwin Jamora also known as Maria Elena shared the medical certificate of Kris Aquino which he even dubbed as Essay Writing contest. 

He also added that people does not care really whether Kris Aquino needs deworming or what. 

Read the Medical Certificate of Kris Aquino:

This is to certify that Ms. Kris Aquino is under my medical care. I saw her today due to severe spasms due to excessive exertion. There were associated fine postural and action tremors that maybe neuropathic or secondary to muscle fatigue. She also had an outbreak of rashes on her face, arms, most worrisome a new type of deep red rashers with bruises on her calves all the way to her feet. All likely due to her existing autoimmune chronic urticaria and propensity to allergic reactions from a multitude of environmental allergies. 

She is also currently very underweight at below 90 pounds (40.9 kg) when considering her height, she should at the minimum weigh at least 103 lbs (46.8kg) which further lowers her immunoresistance. She currently is being treated by a multidisciplinary medical team to address all her medical condition. 

I have advised Ms. Aquino to take full bed rest and to avoid excesive strenous physical activity and exposure to allergens. She may be cleared to resume all other activities only when clearance have been granted by all her attending physicians. 

She specifically asked me to include that she never asked my permission to take the trip because she knew I would object. But her reason was she personally wanted to deliver the relief herself and attempt to make fellow physicial Filipinos feel her love and compassion during their most vulnerable time. Admirable, yes, but as her attending physician and seeing her in much pain I need to protect my immunocompromised patient's physical well-being. 

Anthony N. Piano MD, FPNA

Meanwhile, netizens on the other reacted negatively with the recent controversy involving Kris Aquino and her medical certificate. 

Read Some of the Negative Comments Against Kris Aquino: 

Alanz Dylan: Self centered talaga etong si kristeta. Pag tumulong hindi pwedeng “hindi ipamukha sa tao kung ano naibigay nya at sya dapat ay laging bida”, Tatak Aquino talaga. Self entitled, laging may vested interest! Manang-mana sa mga magulang! Ibang klase kung anong breeding meron sya. Mukhang Pati Doktor dinektahan kung ano isusulat nya sa kanyang med certificate

Monaiza Javellana: kasalanan pa tuloy ng mga nasalanta ng bgyo lol wla naman nag utos sa kanyang mag paepal. 

Nene Tormon: Kahit ganyan e post pa ni kritita. Mt goodness pangampanya pa more.

Hinay hinay na Sila Gina silotan ah karma is real..may next page pa na siguro ah.. writing essays 

Jaime Masagcal: More of a movie script. Frankly, it has erotic undertones, at times with mere juggling or substitution of letters and some wild imagination.

Mark Llanto: Elitistang Dilawan..ngayon lang ako nakita ng ganyang Medical Certificate na halos lahat kulang nalang pati pag utot idetalye pa..

Marietta Avila: Doctor-Lawyer pala c dok Piano hahaha at para saan ang med. cert. na yan? kanino nya isa-submit yan? employee ba cya? congresswoman or senador na kailangan nyang mag-submit nyan dahil absent cya sa session?

Dennis De Villar: Medical Certificate of Appreciation yan... ultimate sacrifice daw para sa kapwa. Nasa dugo nga ang kaepalan

Ed Yu: laki ng doctors fee nyan, ibig sabihin dahil sa mga binagyo kaya sya nagkasakit, kaya utang na loob nila kay Kris ay pagka lakilaki... ahahahaha!

Sheila Myleen DT: Okay na sana eh, doon sa last paragraph ako naloka : “to make Filipinos feel her love & compassion during their most vulnerable time.” Kailangan talagang included yun sa med cert

Source: Edwin Jamora FB Page

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