Writer Shares Proof Belying Senators' Allegations of Overpriced PPEs & Face Masks

A veteran blogger and prominent Manila Bulletin writer, Krizette Laureta Chu took to social media as she castigates all the senators who are accusing the Duterte administration, particularly the Department of Health (DOH), of making tons of money from purchases of PPEs, face masks. 

The irate Manila Bulletin writer shares evidences and belied the allegations of some senators about the alleged overpricing as she reminded them the time when those purchases were made. 

The pure-bloodied DDS began her rants by giving an advice to the senators who are pointing an accusing finger to do diligent research before started talking. 

Krizette Chu lamented that it is a waste of taxpayers money paying salaries to these senators who are using their jobs to advance their politics. 

The veteran blogger slammed the lawmakers who have nothing in mind but politics and the election fever is now fast-approaching. She revealed that the high prices of PPEs and face masks were all over the news both local and foreign brands and even the alleged Dilawan actress Angel Locsin's tweet at that time. 

The Manila Bulletin writer ended her rant by telling these senators who are critical to the Duterte administration are allegedly making the noise at the expense of the DOH for their political agenda of what she thinks they are. 

Netizens also joined the conversation and shared their sentiments on social media as they slammed all the senators and lawmakers who criticized the Duterte administration. 

Read the Complete Statement of Krizette Chu:

Yung mga Senator dyan, earn the sweldo that we pay you. Mag research muna kayo bago kayo dumada. You can ask Mercury, TGP, and other drugstores for the rates of masks in the same time frame that the government bought those. 

Sayang lang yung sweldo namin sa inyo kasi yung ginagawa nyo puro pamumulitika. Even a simple Google search will lead you to news articles that point at how much the prices were during the same time frame.

Wala kayong mga isip para lang maka pulitika. Ayan nasa news! Nasa ABS CBN, nasa international news sites, nasa Twitter pa ni Angel. 


Read Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Velona Ilisan Toroba: Nakabili rin ako @1,400/box galing pa ng Cebu kasi wala nang mabilhan sa amin sa Mati,Dvo Or. Also a gallon of Isoprophyll @1,500

Shiela Sabacajan: Krizette Laureta Chu up to now you can still find face masks in Shopwise Cebu worth 1k per box because they purchased those items last year during lockdown. The good thing is their staff will tell you ahead how much it'll cost you when you pay in the cashier.

Gio Arcega: They know how high prices were back then and how limited these resources were. Yes, it can be Googled. They're just playing dumb, because they're trying to make noise and (desperately) trying to spark anger in the people.

Maria Buzon: We bought a thermal scanner at 3,700php last may 2020 at the start of the pandemic then after few months the prize drop to less than a thousand pesos, sobrang kataas ang price but at that time we needed most the contactless thermometer so ok na lang.Now ,why the senators are making a big issue on these issues when we knew how difficult at that time to procure PPEs....

Grace Kishimoto: dto sa Japan khit wala p ung pandemic, suki ako nyan. Bumibili ako ng mga ilang boxes dhil sa allergy k. Ang box n pinakamura k nabili, 30 pcs. ¥100 lng pero pagpasok ng pandemic naging ¥1500. Pero khit ganun nangyari, d sinisi ng tao gobyerno dto, ang medyo nasisi eh ung mga negosyante kc negosyo nila un. Lately lng uli lumabas ung mga mura.

Maria Calo: Lapit na kasi election, kaya ggawin lahat para masiraan ang DOH. e sorry na lang, di parin sila mananalo kahit anong paninira nila. Benta ko pa sa facemask last yr is 900 pesos per box pa. 

Source: Krizette Chu FB Page

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