Watch: Jack Logan Reacts to Nas & Nightfall, Reveals How Filipino Works on Social Media

Jack Logan Summarize the Real Beauty & Character of the Philippines & It's People

One of the country's most popular Filipino vlogger Jack Logan summarizes the real beauty, diversity and character of the Philippines and the Filipino people as a whole. He reacted to the controversies involving Nas Daily and Projec Nightfall as he also called for Filipinos to unite and showcase the Philippines.

The video which is gaining tractions on social media already generated more than 3 million views and counting showcases the beauty and diversity of the Philippines and the real character of the Filipino people.

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Based on the video presentation of Jack Logan, it was posted as a Filipino vlogger's reactions to the recent controversy involving Foreign vloggers allegedly milking the popularity of Filipino pride and the alleged Philippine culture who loves to be always at the limelight on social media. 

Jack Logan started his vlog introducing the controversial vlogger Nas Daily, the popular social media personality who makes a one-minute video and now he is making a lot of money out of this career. He also introduced Project Nightfall who make an inspirational videos online and these two vloggers often posted videos about the Philippines but there's a catch for the two vloggers. 

According to Jack Logan despite Nas Daily and Project Nightfall's feature about the Philippines nobody could describe the Philippines better than a Filipino vlogger like himself, a Filipino vlogger who wanted to showcase the country's diversity, culture and the real character of its people, the Filipinos who reacted and united in one color once they discovered somebody are using them.

The Filipino vlogger described the beauty and diversity of the Philippines by showcasing some of the most interesting things the Filipinos loved like the division of the Filipinos into Dilawans and DDS. 

In the Philippines the political commentaries are allegedly more important than food, shelter, education, work and healthcare. Only in the Philippines where some people believe that vaccines can make people into zombies, this is also where Tiktok Videos and Facebook chismis is number one. 

Jack Logan also feature the popular TV show Raffy Tulfo in Action where some people first talk to a TV Host before filing a civil or criminal case, referring to the popular TV Show featuring Raffy Tulfo. 

It is also more fun in the Philippines because despite of all the commentaries Jack Logan mentioned on his vlog, the Philippines will always remain a Happy Country, and the Filipinos were remain proud of being Filipinos. 

In the last part of the viral video featuring the best of the Philippines and the Filipino people and according to Jack we may not be perfect and we are small but we play big, we may have hardships but happiness is all that matters. 

And when people take advantage of our culture we react, when countries abuse our islands we react, when people make fun of us we react, not because we are sensitive but we love our identity and that we care so much that we will not allow other people to hurt us. 

Jack Logan even asked understanding to our Foreign friends to understand the Filipino people and the Philippines being a diverse country with more than 120 languages, 7,000 islands and millions Filipinos who deserved to be happy and to be treated nicely. 

He also called for Filipino friends, vloggers, influencers, artists and people with power, its time to come together and put the Philippines on a bigger stage without waiting for someone to notice us. We are not perfect but if we work together only good things will happen. 

Watch the Viral Video of Jack Logan:

Jack Logan, a self-confessed comedian vlogger who made a name for himself for his reaction videos and commentaries. His real name is CJ Santos, a Filipino film director, producer, and screenwriter. Jack Logan is formerly known as Prinsepe Pegasus of 106.7 Energy FM. He is also a versatile voice talent, radio announcer, and actor. 

Source: Jack Logan FB Page

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