Nas Daily Tagalog Likes Gets a Huge 500K Drop

The local arm and Facebook Page of Nas Daily in the Philippines, Nas Daily Tagalog was also affected by the recent controversy involving Naseir Yassin after getting a huge drop in terms of followers. 

The popular Facebook Page, Nas Tagalog, the local Facebook Page of the popular Nas Daily have more than 850,000 followers during the past few weeks but because of the controversy involving Nas Daily, Whang-od and Louise Mabulo, the FB page saw a huge drop in terms of followers. 

Based upon the data from social media, Nas Daily Tagalog had more than 850,000 Likes but it drop down to its lowest level at 250,000 Likes which is an estimated 500,000 lost Likes from the said Page. 

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Although Nas Daily Tagalog is gaining some momentum in terms of Likes, it slowly increase from all time low of 250,000 Likes to around 287,000 Likes after Nas Daily released their own version of the story. 

The popular vlogger Naseir Yassin or Nas Daily, is a Palestinian-Israeli online influencer who made a name for himself for his short videos, made some headlines and put himself under hot water after his online learning platform Nas Academy, receives complaints when he offered Tattoo Masterclasses to Apo Whang-Od as its instructor, but without proper consent. 

To recall the issue, Apo Whang-od's grandniece and granddaughter Gracias Palicas show cried out on social media, telling the course offering made by Nas Daily as a scam, and that Apo Whang-od did not sign up to teach at Nas Academy. 

The expose receives a massive backslash from Filipino audiences and decided to settle with Apo Whang-Od's relatives and later on Nas Academy took down the online course featuring the traditional Filipino tattoo artist. 

Days later, another controversy showed up on social media involving Nas Daily, this time around Louise Mabulo, the 22-year-old founder of "The Cacao Project," spoke up and revealed her experience of working with Nas Daily and his team when they he came to her hometown in San Fernando, Camarines Sur in 2019 to feature her work. 

This the two crucial controversies that went viral on social media that netizens started to call their fellow Filipino followers of Nas Daily to express their kind of protest by unliking the Nas Tagalog FB Page. 

This resulted allegedly to a huge drops in the number of Likes in the Page of Nas Daily Tagalog which is already an indication that once Filipinos are united, nobody can defeat them on social media. 

Nas Daily already disputed the allegations against him but truthful or not, Nas Daily Followers in the Philippines had felt utter dismay from these controversies. 

The popular Page, or the main Page of Nuseir Yassin also got a tremendous number of followers who dropped the Page and Unlike it based on the numbers of Followers showing at the official FB Page of Nas Daily. 


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