Netizens Reacts to Nas Daily's Response About Fake News in PH

Concerned netizens reacted to the latest controversial video of Nas Daily which generated more than 3.4 million views already airing his own side of the story involving Whang-Od and the Cacao Project. 

According to Nas Daily his story about the Philippines started during the year 2017 when some people asked him to visit the country and he discovered that he and the Filipinos are the same, both loves to scream and loves to make videos. 

The popular vlogger explained his side of the story regarding the controversy involving his company and his team on their dealings with both Apo Whang-Od and Louise Mabulo of The Cacao Project. 

In the first part of the video instead of giving his version of the story, Nas Daily decided to present first some of the things he has done to help and promote the Philippines as a showcase of his visit to the country and on why he loves the country. 

Instead of asking for forgiveness and apology to the people whom he had misunderstanding with, Nas decided to call them out or the issues as pure lies or fake news proliferating in the country tarnishing his reputations worldwide. 

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Nas claimed that he showcased the bright side of the Philippines to showcase to the world and started fundraisers to help the country and even went to the warzone. He claimed that there is no clickbaiting or just putting Philippines on their videos to promote the country. 

Nuseir also reminded his fans in the Philippines that his contribution to the country's tourism industry was even recognized by the Department of Tourism. 

Nas Daily claimed that he stumbled upon a fake story in the Philippines, The Cacao Project, a story which was supposed to help farmers but in reality the project allegedly exploits farmers. That's the reasons why they refused Louise project and did not show it on his video. He also claimed that he did not use Whang-od because he made sure that they support and he did not exploit the country's culture. 

Netizens reacted with the latest statement of Nas Daily as they shared their sentiments on the controversial issues involving Nas Daily and both Apo Whang-Od and Louise Mabulo of The Cacao Project.

Watch the Video Explanations of Nas Daily:

Read Some of the Comments from Netizens:

Yanis Floria: To make it better to stop bashing and hating you, please start to end making videos about the Philippines, nevertheless thank you for inspiring other people from other continent to show the Philippines cultures and traditions.

Justin Pen: The video is set to targeted audience, ie PH. Clearly this dude is hiding something.

Katarina Ford: Ket di mo pa i-feature ang Philippines dati ng kilala ang bansa namin in every categories, mapa International Beauty Pageants, Sports, at International Singing Competition.

As if naman na nakilala ang bansa namin dahil sa vlog mo? Ket di mo pa i-feature ang bansa namin, we can still be recognized by the other countries. In short, wala kaming utang na loob sayo, tanga.

Bah Tiyar: you have reached the limit.. please be humble... wala man lang sorry or apology pangahas sa aming kultura

Ruby: Instead of acknowledging your mistake and apologize, here you are justifying your wrong actions.

Brill Abawag: You will never save yourself now, you are already on the bad side of filipinos. Once filipinos started hating you, that will never change, thats why you should be careful and don't look down on filipinos, we're not fools to be used by fake people. Manigas ka nalang NasDaily, hindi mo na mababalik ang dating pagtingin ng mga filipino sayo

Valerie Barias: Nas whatever thousand and millions of money you helped during disaster and arm conflict we did not asked for it!!! Wag mo yan ilatag yan na prang nanunumbat ka wag mo ipamukha sa amin un lalo mo lang kaming tinatapakan sa sasinabi mo 

please lang tama na yang pang uuto mo sa mga pilipino! Tama na yang galing mo mag salita na nakakalumbinse para ytuin mo ang pilipino hindi namin kailangan ng validation ng isang arabong-israeli na gaya mo... may pag papahalaga kami sa aming kultura at ninuno kaya please lang wag mo kaming gamiting mga pilipino para sa content mo or sa sariling mong interest. Tama na!

Source: Nas Daily FB Page

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