Must Watch: Jam Magno Burns Nas Daily on Her Viral Tiktok Video

Popular social media personality Jam Magno who made some controversies on social media because of her no-nonsense political commentary and her defense of the Duterte administration joined the prey on attacking Nas Daily on social media. 

In one of the latest video posted by Jam Magno on her new Tiktok account after she was banned earlier for violating the community standards of the social media, made some headlines anew for her attack against Nas Daily. 

Jam Magno posted her reaction video against Nas Daily on her new Tiktok account using the the Tiktok username candydefense wherein she edited a video showing a splice video presentation featuring the controversial Arab-Israeli vlogger Nas Daily. 

The controversial Tiktok vlogger started her video with some clips featuring Nas Daily talking about Money and the Philippines but Jam Magno burned down Nuseir Yassin by exposing some of the most controversial videos of Nas Daily. 

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According to Jam Magno, it is the faults of Filipinos who always wanted to have a limelight on social media that popularized Nas Daily in the Philippines. It is because of our toxic Pinoy pride that when Nas features the Philippines we are so grateful with what we saw on social media. 

Magno asked his fellow Filipinos particularly the woke whether they still happy if Nas called us out as poor and face to face we are being used by Nas allegedly just for views and contents and he don't really care whatever happens in our real day to day activities.  

Watch the Video of Jam Magno:


Jam Magno is back! Jam vs. Nas Daily. ##fyp ##foryoupage ##meme ##JamMagno ##NasDaily ##CancelNas ##NoToFilipinoBaiting

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Source: Jam Magno Tiktok

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