Watch: Alleged Reasons Why the Aquino Famiy Envied the Marcos Family.

A video is now circulating on social media revealing some of the alleged reasons why the Aquino Family envied the Marcos Family. The video which was originally posted by Facebook user Muslimen Mustapha Glang already generated more than 1.1 million views and counting. 

Based upon the video published on Facebook last July 2021, the Aquino Family have their own secrets as he asked about the things that Ninoy Aquino have done to the country to be called as a one of the national hero. 

Based on the information gathered by the uploader, Ninoy Aquino is an alleged traitor of the Philippine of the Philippine government and even convicted. He was allegedly behind the exposition why the plans of Marcos to reclaim Sabah failed. 

Ninoy Aquino allegedly expose the secrets about Operation Merdeka of Pres. Marcos whose aim is to reclaim Sabah from Malaysia. Instead of helping Filipinos reclaim Sabah Ninoy sided with Malaysia in exchange for the fulfillment of his plans to become President of the Philippines. 

The former senator allegedly participated in the formation of the rebel groups, CPP-NPA and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) headed by Joma Sison and Nur Misuari respectively. 

The Aquino Family allegedly offered the grounds of the Hacienda Luisita as the training grounds of the rebel groups CPP-NPA. If this is true, Ninoy is indeed the real culprit why the secessionist movement in the country flourished during the Marcos presidency. 

In a boook authored by former Senator Jovito Salonga, he also revealed that the controversial and Plaza Miranda bombing of Liberal Party top officials was allegedly masterminded by no less than former lawmaker and opposition leader Ninoy Aquino and not by the Marcos government. 

Ninoy Aquino was supposed to sentenced to death due to his involvement in the communist movement in the country but former Pres. Ferdinand Marcos saved Ninoy Aquino from supposed death after being convicted. 

It is also questionable for the late President Cory Aquino's decision to release the communist leaders from prison. She also allegedly withdrew the Philippine claims on Sabah. 

Former Pres. Cory Aquino also failed to continue the projects of Pres. Ferdinand Marcos particularly the Bataan Nuclear Power Plants and the big-ticket flood control projects in the Philippines. 

Watch the Video Expose Between Marcos & Aquino:

Source: Muslimen Mustapha Glang

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