Mark Lopez Burns DJ Mo Twister for Comparing Trump to Duterte in a Bad Way

International radio host and controversial DJ made some headlines on soical media after he posted an intriguing Twitter post comparing Pres. Rody Duterte and Pres. Doonald Trump in a bad way. 

DJ Mo Twister tweeted the following message:

"Good Morning Philippines. You may be watching world news right now as you prep for your day. I'd like to set the tone by reminding you all that while Donald Trump is a rotten man, President Duterte is somehow an even worse human being. 

The tweet of DJ Mo caught the attentions of veteran radio host and prominent Duterte blogger Mark Lopez who burned down the DJ and got the dose of his own medicine. 

Mark Lopez responded by saying "Says a coward child molester."

Due to the reactions made by Mark Lopez with DJ Mo's statement, DJ Mo asked of who really is Mark Lopez, the blogger responded by saying that who is he that get triggered and reacted to a commentary from a nobody. 

Netizens reacted with the conversation between Mark Lopez and DJ Mo Twister on social media, with most of them openly supporting Mark Lopez and criticizing DJ Mo Twister. 

Read Some of the Reactions vs. DJ Mo:

Andy Bote: Pasensya na po... i heard the name DJ MO... but i never heard about MOlestation case about DJ MO... can someone take me back to that particular event/chizmax/case and details please... sorry po more than 20yrs ++ napo wala sa Phil. But nayayabang talaga ako dyan sa DJ MO sa radyo palang. Dj MO became Dj MOlester pala. 

Andy Odnamer: The twitter handle name says a lot about what kind of brain he has. A twisted one.

Sean de Villa: When you throw trash and it hits you back, then you're triggered? Classic loser moves. 

Barbara Castro: Wow! What a super self righteous entity!

Francis Gopasu: Mga self entitled human being of the earth. Hahaha i used to be entertained until rhian ramos...

Bing Moscoso: o... balik din sayu mga pinagsasasabi mo

Source: Mark Lopez FB Page

Mark Lopez Burns DJ Mo Twister for Comparing Trump to Duterte in a Bad Way Mark Lopez Burns DJ Mo Twister for Comparing Trump to Duterte in a Bad Way Reviewed by Phil Newsome on January 07, 2021 Rating: 5
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